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From: Jesse Cannone

To: Back pain sufferers


Dear friend,


If you've been suffering from chronic back pain and would love to get your life back, then I need you to pay close attention and read every single word on this page.


On THIS page, you're going to discover 3 different tips which can help relieve your back pain WITHOUT drugs... WITHOUT surgery... and without much if any effort at all.


Here’s what I'm going to reveal on THIS page...


How to RESET the pain signals your brain sends to your back and other areas of your body... therefore reducing or eliminating your pain

The pain cure one of the most prestigious NFL players in the world used to which increase his healing by up to 350% with zero side effects


How to turn your own FIST into a trembling ball of “on-demand” healing energy!



First, let me show you my trick for resetting the pain signals in your brain and reducing pain in a matter of seconds.


Trick #1: How To Reduce Your Back Pain
By RESETTING Your Pain Signals...


As you probably know, your BRAIN controls your body. Every smell you smell, every feeling you feel, every movement you make. Everything happens first in your brain, and then you feel that sensation.


Most importantly - your brain controls your MUSCLES. Make sure you remember that point, as it’s critical to living a pain-free life.


You probably also know that muscle imbalances are the root cause of virtually every back pain condition we know of. One of the reasons it’s so crucial to have balanced muscles is because if the muscles are out of balance, it pulls your spine out of balance as well.


And if your spine is out of alignment... it disrupts the signals going from your nerves to your spinal cord to your brain.


And if your nerve signals are misfiring... it’s causing your muscles to relax and tighten at the wrong time - and you end up in pain like you are right now!


So how do you fix this problem?


It’s actually quite simple.


You have to RESET the way your brain interacts with your spinal cord. Once your muscles re-balance each other, your spine then readjusts and your nerves begin firing properly again.


And once that happens... you can say goodbye to your pain!


Now the question becomes, how in the heck do you train your brain to do something? After all, it’s not like you can give it a cookie for doing a good job like you can a dog!


Instead of cookies, your brain responds to SIGNALS. In this case, the signal we’re going to teach it to “obey” is called maximum muscle tension.


Here’s how you do it. I want you to do this exercise as I’m explaining it... so please stand up out of your chair and follow along with me.


Step #1: With your feet planted firmly about 18" apart, make a fist with each hand and bring your fists to the bottom of your neck - keeping them against your chest. At this point you’re almost in a boxing-like stance.


Step #2: Next - SLOWLY rotate your head and shoulders to the left as far as you can until you feel tension in a few muscles of your neck and/or back. You may also feel it in your obliques.


Please - do this SLOWLY.


The point of this is training your brain to respond to the maximum muscle tension allowed before pain sets it. What you’re trying to do is reach that point where you would feel pain if you went just an inch further.


Step #3: Hold for a few seconds and slowly twist in the opposite direction and hold a few seconds. Those few seconds are giving your brain repeated signals of the normal and maximum allowed muscle tension!


Do for at least 3 minutes a day and you will get relief from most lower and upper back pain and other back related pain problems.


Pretty easy wasn’t it?


I hope you think so, because tip #2 is even easier!


Trick #2: How To Increase Healing By Up To 350%
With ZERO Side Effects


The second trick for reducing your back pain is something Terrell Owens used to heal his fractured ankle and damaged ligaments 350% faster than even his most optimistic doctors estimated recovery time... with zero side effects.


It’s called “frequency specific microcurrent” which uses a small machine which pushes specific microcurrents through your body to increase the energy in your cells by up to 500%. This allows the healing to take place on a CELLULAR level instead of a surface level such as repairing a wound or injury.


Now I know that probably all sounds like scientific techno-garble to you... so let me clue you in

Using this unique therapy, participants in one study showed an 82% reduction in pain in just 90 minutes!

on a few scientific studies proving the effectiveness on frequency specific microcurrent.


In a study conducted in 2005, by the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, participants being studied were suffering from fibromyalgia due to a spinal injury. They rated their pain level as a 7.4 on average.


After just 90 minutes of treatment, they re-rated their pain level at just 1.3 o

ut of 10. That’s an 82% reduction in pain in 90 minutes!


In another study, 20 participants were suffering from nerve pain and rated their pain as a 6.8 out of 10. After just a SINGLE treatment with frequency specific microcurrent, their pain level was reduced to a 1.8... a 73.5% reduction in pain after a single treatment!


And in yet another study, the participants were suffering from chronic lower back from for 8.4 years and 87% of them had FAILED with other so-called “traditional” treatments.


Out of these participants, they noticed their pain go from a 6.8/10 to a 1.6/10 which is a 76.5% reduction in pain!

As you can see... this flat out WORKS.


But if you don’t feel like going out and buying a frequence specific microcurrent machine, I’d like to reveal my THIRD trick which...


Trick #3: How To Turn Your FIST Into A Trembling Ball
Of "On-Demand" Healing Energy!


Here’s what you do.


Make a fist, squeeze hard, then touch your injured body part very lightly with your trembling fist.


This vibration will activate the larger nerve tracks in the area which respond to light touch/vibration, thereby overriding the signal of pain, which is much slower.

That’s it!


By doing this you should already be feeling a reduction in your pain. Is this trick going to permanently take your pain away?


Of course not - but it can be your ace in the hole for times when the pain is simply getting too much and you need some quick relief.


And you know - sometimes those short, easy little tricks like that are what help me most. Following strict programs is sometimes difficult and even though we may want to do it, it’s not always possible.



Since it’s so hard to completely change your lifestyle cold turkey - don’t you think it would be easier to add simple little TRICKS like this to your daily life?


You know... tricks that take just seconds or a few minutes... don’t cost a lot of money and are no hassle to do?


The good news is - there are actually dozens of “little things” you can do RIGHT NOW that can have an even bigger impact on getting rid of your pain.


In fact, I’ve put together 98 more short, powerful, and downright EASY pain relief tricks just like this one.


They're a special report called...


101 Back Pain Relief Tricks:
Quick And Easy Ways To FINALLY Beat Back Pain


I want to give you instant access to this special report right now so you can start using these powerful techniques immediately.


Every single one of these has been scientifically proven to deliver temporary or permanent pain relief.


Not only that, I’ve also included many tips which are designed not just to help you lose your pain... but also reduce your stress... lower blood pressure... gain more flexibility and mobility... and even have better sex more often!


Given the information packed in this special report - we could easily sell it for $1 per trick and ask for $101 for it.


Even THAT price is incredible... after all even if you get ONE single idea that you can use out of the 101 in this report... wouldn’t that be worth it for you to live a pain-free life?


But for a limited time I’m going to make you an irresistible offer that I KNOW anybody serious about getting rid of their back pain isn’t going to be able to pass up.


And I’m only temporarily lowering the price for ONE reason.


I recently sat down and figured out that we’ve already helped over 162,000 people from more than 127 countries reduce or eliminate their back pain.


However, I like to shoot for the stars and to me, that’s not enough. My mission is to help over 1 MILLION people reduce or eliminate their back pain - and I want YOU to be one of those million people.


And that’s why... for a limited time I’ve decided to drastically reduce the price in order to make it affordable for ANYBODY reading this page.


So how much is it?


To be completely honest, I’m almost embarrassed to even say this number out loud. So before I tell you how little I’m asking you to invest, let me first show you a few other tricks you’ll discover inside this special report...


The “back pain blow torch” technique which brings a whole new meaning of “heat therapy” to reducing back pain! (Don’t worry - no blow torches are actually involved!)


How to create your own “home health spa in a a box” - This takes 2 minutes, costs next to nothing, and is the next-best thing to a hot tub or jacuzzi!


The “Fabulous Five” ways to save your back, neck and wrist while working.


Tip #43: Why there’s a 75% chance bacteria is causing your back pain - PLUS exactly what NOT to do if you want to safely remove this pain-causing bacteria!


What to eat and what not to eat... tip #47 reveals our top 11 “must-haves” and our bottom 11 “must NOT haves”!


Suffering from “mystery pain”? Tip #52 reveals why... and exactly what you need to do to uncover your pain mystery!


Thunderstorm Therapy - How to use the power of thunderstorms to speed healing, boost your immune system, and even fight depression!


Why “stinkin thinkin” can actually CAUSE back pain... and the 1 single word you should NEVER use if you want your back pain to disappear (Tip #62)


Tip #78: How to use your NOSE to get rid of back pain


Tip #83: How to quickly eliminate pain from nearly ANY area of your body... by using a simple technique with the tips of your fingers!


Tip #96: The little-known Japanese secret you’ve never heard of which gently but powerfully removes stress, emotional strain, mental fatigue... and PAIN


All of these tips and A LOT more are waiting for you right now on the next page.


And here's the best part.


Getting access to all 101 back pain relief tricks is affordable enough for ANYBODY reading this page to do.


Exactly how much is it?


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And look, I’m a reasonable guy.


If for some reason you invest in 101 Back Pain Relief Tricks today and don’t think it’s worth every penny... don’t worry about it. All you have to do is shoot my customer support team a quick email any time in the next 90 days, and they’ll be glad to give you a full, 100% refund.


Plus, you don't even have to return anything!


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I would hope that makes this a no-brainer decision for you.


I mean look, no one's asking for your first born here. You could easily spend just as much on a REALLY cheap meal at some crummy local restaurant.


The question is - what’s more important to you?


Eating crummy food which does nothing but give you MORE pain (along with bloating, belly fat and tiredness)... or investing in your health and getting 101 different ways to relieve your pain?


I have my fingers crossed... but I really hope for YOUR sake that you choose the latter.


If you’d rather spend the money on something useless, I guess you should consider yourself pretty lucky that you aren’t REALLY suffering from back pain.


And that’s fine!


If you aren’t in enough agony to grab this special report today... that’s great for you.


But what happens when that pain comes back to haunt you?


What happens a few months or years from now when the pain has come back full force and you're left hurting, wondering how to get rid of it?


This report can help you not only relieve the pain you're having now... but also PREVENT it from flaring up again in the future.


After all, you've already experienced what it's like to miss out on the daily activities you love doing but can't do when your back pain is consuming your life.


The point is - you don’t have to miss out on those life experiences anymore. The days of back pain controlling your life are OVER.


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Best wishes,


Jesse Cannone

Co-Founder, The Healthy Back Institute®

P.S. Remember, what I’m asking you to invest in this special report is just a drop in the bucket compared to the feeling you’ll get of being able to live your life again without worrying about pain. You're getting 101 back pain tips, ALL of which can help reduce or eliminate your pain. Plus... even if it's not right for you, your investment today is risk-free due to our 90 day unconditional money-back guarantee.