Acupuncture and Spinal Pain

Spinal pain can be caused by many things. Degenerative discs, trauma, pressure and a myriad of conditions and diseases that affect the back. Spinal pain can be very severe and even debilitating. For many people it is unbearable and forces them to resort to trying several different treatment options. Treatment for spinal pain should focus on what is causing the pain. Traditional spinal pain treatments focus on Western medicinal practices and philosophy. This includes physical therapy, exercise, massage, injections, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and surgery. Western medicine has not been quick to accept other treatment options for back and spinal pain. Recently, however, several doctors and patients have been taking a second look at some non-traditional treatment practices, one of which is acupuncture.

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Acupuncture is an ancient treatment method dating back thousands of years ago. It originates from Chinese culture and focuses on the life and energy force of the body, called qi. Qi is said to circulate through the body, somewhat like an energy flow or stream. When the body is in pain this is due to an energy flow that isn’t operating properly. To get the flow back to a healthy status, acupuncture is used to stimulate the blood, muscles and nervous system. Most of the nerves in your body can be traced to the spinal column. Acupuncture treatment seeks to return the energy flow and circulation of the body to a normal and healthy state so that conditions like spinal pain will dissipate.

The process of acupuncture varies in some circles but the main practice remains the same. Tiny needles are inserted into the body at specified points. These points are based on meridians or pathways that help the qi to flow. The tiny needles are placed on some of the thousands of points on the body in specified arrangements that will effectively correct blood and energy flow. Acupuncture continues to be used worldwide for the treatment of spinal pain and other ailments and conditions.

Acupuncture is not a painful process. It may take a moment to get accustomed to it but it is in no way as painful as a typical needle. Acupuncture needles are only a fraction of the size of needles that are used for injections. The insertion of acupuncture needle may feel like a slight pinch. Some acupuncture treatments involve the use of medicinal herbs and suction cups.

When you think about Chinese medical and physical practices, they are noted for being very holistic, naturally based and spiritual. Much of the theory behind acupuncture is based on a minimalistic and non-invasive preference when it comes to remedies and treatments. Many people with spinal pain enjoy great results from acupuncture and can attest to the healing power of the treatment. For some people, acupuncture is seen as a waste of time because it doesn’t emphasize methods that are common and seemingly more practical. To get rid of or manage your spinal pain you should try the treatment options that make you feel comfortable.

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