Back Pain Affiliate Program

The Lose The Back Pain Affiliate Program is a great way for you to make some serious income or just earn a little extra money while helping others eliminate their back pain and enjoy life again.

We have a wide range of products, including: digital download products, physical products, information products, nutritional supplements and recurring revenue products. Commissions vary per product and you can earn between 20 – 100%! Click here for our list of products and corresponding commission.

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So What Sets Our Affiliate Program Apart From The Rest?

Our software allows us to hardcode affiliates when customer contact records are created. That’s how we can confidently claim to pay true lifetime commissions on any lead you send our way. Simply get your traffic to opt-in to our marketing by giving away one of our free back pain relief guides and that’s it. You’re done. You don’t have to worry about cookies being erased or whether you can do the follow up marketing yourself. We handle it for you.

We fine tuned our follow up marketing constantly and know what works and what doesn’t with the demographic interested in our products. Just simply get people to take any of our free guides, opt-in, and your work is done.

We pay out commissions monthly. Affiliates within the USA will receive a check while international affiliates will receive payment via PayPal. There’s only a $25 minimum commission requirement to receive a check. Checks are issued on the 15th of every month for the previous months commissions.

We have many affiliates who earn thousands per month in commissions. Just last month, our top 5 affiliates earned $43,000 in commissions combined. Our top affiliate earned $14,705!

Here’s What One of Our Affiliate Partners Has to Say…

Meet Our Dedicated Program Managers

Jackie Alvarez is our Joint Venture & Affiliate Program Manager. She has specialized in creating successful marketing relationships since 2001. Jackie brings a level of specialized expertise in joint ventures that few possess. Her ability to create “great relationships” has helped countless companies grow their exposure to new levels and establish solid, fruitful business partnerships.

Jackie is our exclusive representative for JV partnerships and Affiliate relationships. If you have a great product or affiliate website and are interested in growing with us, please contact her at jackie [at]

More Reasons to Partner with Us!

ClickBank Program

We also offer a program through ClickBank which pays only a one-time commission on our Lose The Back Pain system product. You are welcome to participate in this program, but most opt to join our direct affiliate program described here, where you earn substantial lifetime commissions.

  • Bullet-proof tracking system makes sure you get the commission. Our CRM software hard codes your affiliate link so even if the visitor erases their cookies, you will always get credit on any purchase made by them.
  • 2 tier commissions on many of our products
  • You can always check your stats in real-time to see how you’re doing in your private admin area
  • Ready-to-use, tested, and proven marketing materials and promotions
  • Dedicated full-time affiliate program managers provide you with personal help and support

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