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Enjoy life with more flexibility, more mobility and less pain with a real back pain cure

You don’t have to live with back pain.

But every back pain cure won’t work for you. That’s because they’re not designed to cure your back pain in the first place.

Back pain has become big business for Big Pharma. Pills, pain patches, steroid injections, and surgeries of all sorts add up to $7,000 a year spent by the average person with back pain.

That cost doesn’t include time off work, family activities missed, or the price of feeling less than your best for days, weeks, or even years.

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With so many different back pain cures available, why don’t we all have pain-free lives? The answer lies in the cures themselves.

Many of the major approaches to back pain don’t look at the real reasons you hurt. They address one symptom or one type of ache but not the whole problem — keeping you hooked on a broken, expensive system.

There is hope and there is a way to lose the back pain for good. Yet to truly understand why a natural, holistic approach is best, let’s have a second look at the top back pain cures:


Painkillers are the easy way out of back pain — or so you’d think by how many we take! The world swallows 26 billion painkillers a year. They work to mask the pain so that you can get back to work or get on with your life, a quick fix you can take over and over again … right up until the day you can’t.

Painkillers of all kinds are loaded with deadly side effects and addictive properties. Even if the label says the pills are safe, researchers have shown that one in 1,000 patients who take pain pills for two years or longer will die from them. More than 30,000 Americans die every year from “safe” painkillers.

Yet for all that risk, you still may not get relief. That’s because painkillers disrupt your body’s own healing and injury response systems, shutting down the messages between your nerves and key enzymes that fight scar tissue and inflammation.

The result is a pill that will stop the pain — for now — while the underlying cause of your pain is blocked from the full benefits of your body’s own natural healing processes. No wonder you just keep reaching for the bottle and lining the pockets of Big Pharma companies!

Steroid Treatments

Steroid treatments for back pain have been heralded as the big cure for back pain. The claims have been trumpted so loudly that even magazines like Consumer Reports have begun to weigh in on the practice. For once, we agree with the mainstream press: Steroid treatments for back pain are a temporary fix at best, widely over-prescribed, and loaded with risks.

In a best case scenario, steroid injections can offer four to six weeks of relief from back pain caused by specific types of nerve root and muscle inflammation. Yet this potential to temporarily treat a small section of back pain sufferers has medical pain “experts” whipping out the needles for everyone.

Recent studies document a 629% increase in Medicare expenditures for epidural steroid injections — but there’s been no corresponding 629% drop in reports of back pain for Medicare patients. Chasing a quick fix, millions of hurting people are hitting an expensive brick wall of empty promises.

Steroid treatments aren’t a cure-all for back pain because, like painkillers, they mask pain without targeting root causes. They also have nasty side effects including weakened spinal bones and the surrounding support muscles, disrupting your body’s natural adrenal response systems, and throwing your hormones out of balance.

And here’s the real kicker… even though the shots wear off in about a month, doctors won’t give you more than three injections a year due to the strong risks. So you’re back in pain and in search of another option anyhow.

Back Surgery

The next option often discussed is back surgery. What could be a more perfect fix than a trained professional opening you up and rearranging your spine?

The list of better options goes on for pages, as regular readers of our free email newsletter know (you can subscribe at the top of this page).

For the rest, surgery may sound like a good option. Yes, it’s expensive — complex fusion surgeries can run as much as $80,000 — but you’ll finally be free of your back pain, right?

Wrong. Surgery means a 13% chance you’ll be back in the hospital within 30 days and a 20% chance you’ll need a repeat surgery within 10 years.

That doesn’t exempt you from needing minor touch-up surgery in the meantime, either, since re-operation surgeries within the first year are up 40% over the last decade despite improvements in medical techniques.

If you choose surgery, there’s a 26% chance you’ll return to work … but a one-in-ten chance you’ll wind up permanently disabled. Besides, studies show doctor enthusiasm for surgery is the biggest factor for patients ending up under the knife in the first place.

Should you skip the surgery in favor of an all-natural, non-surgical solution?

If you do, there’s a 67% chance you’ll be back at work – more than double your chances as with surgery – and you won’t have any follow up surgeries or complications to deal with for the rest of your life.

Here’s a suggestion. When your doctor tells you that you need surgery, tell him you need seven days to make things better without any surgery at all.

Lose Your Back Pain with a Real Cure

The problem with all the back pain remedies we’ve talked about so far is none of them really fix the underlying problems.

Outside of trauma, the real reasons for back pain come down to you: your muscles, your lifestyle, and your health. And you can correct these without drugs, shots or surgery.

At home.

Without breaking the bank.

In just a few days, or even a few minutes, you really can feel a significant improvement in your back pain. Most people find they have a significant breakthrough in their back pain within 7 days.

How? By discovering the real causes of back pain and taking simple actions proven to make a difference.

Simple actions that may prove to be your true back pain cure. But even if you found you were only 75% or 50% better after a week, wouldn’t it be worth it to take a natural path to health and wellness without the risks you face with conventional back pain cures?

Plus, you’ll already know you’re on the right path to a greatly improved life as you begin to recover your mobility, flexibility and feel less pain day after day.

But like I said, the problem lies with you. And you have to take action. Your back pain won’t magically disappear if you don’t do something to correct the problem.

Step one is discovering what is truly causing your back pain and what to do about it. You’ll find the answers your doctor won’t tell you in my book, The 7-Day Back Pain Cure.

It’s free. But you have to get it. Read it. Then take action.

Only then will you find your own natural back pain cure.

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The 7-Day Back Pain Cure



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