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Learn About an Incredibly Simple Treatment That Delivers Lasting Relief Every Time...
Even When All Other Treatments Have Failed...

"After 11 Years of Almost Constant Pain
I Finally Have My Life Back"


Sarah had suffered from chronic back pain and sciatica for 11 years before she finally got lasting relief.

She had tried it all... chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, acupuncture, epidural injections, muscle relaxants, pain killers, even surgery - but none of it would get rid of her pain.

Frustrated and depressed, Sarah started to give up. At one point she said she seriously considered ending her own life. Sadly, Sarah's story is a common one.

But the good news is, after her 11 year struggle, she finally got relief. And now 4 years later she is still pain free, active and loving life.

So what was the "miracle" treatment that finally gave Sarah her life back?

Was it a new, breakthrough medical discovery? No, it was a little-known treatment that has been used for literally thousands of years called spinal decompression. And thanks to the invention of The Back Bubble®, now you too can use this proven treatment device to eliminate your back pain or sciatica.

You're likely wondering, if this treatment works so well, why didn't your doctor tell you about it. Well, the fact is, general physicians aren't back specialists and just don't have the training. Plus, most doctors are so busying trying to squeeze in as many patients as they can, it's faster for them to write a prescription or send you to physical therapy.

So What Exactly Is The Back Bubble® and How Does It Work?

As I mentioned earlier, spinal decompression has been used for over 2000 years now and has been proven to be very effective at taking pressure off of discs and allowing them to heal.

Typically, spinal decompression would be administered by a chiropractor or physical therapist but with The Back Bubble® you can now get all of them benefits in the comfort of your own home. This means no more insurance co-pays... no more trips back and fourth to the doctors office...

The Back Bubble® is an inflatable device that works by allowing your body to relax into positions where your spine is being decompressed and your muscles are being stretched.

Using The Back Bubble® is really easy... inflate it by blowing into the valve. It blows up quickly and easily. Then attach it to the overhead bar which is included or a ring mounted to a floor joist in your basement or garage. You simply place the ring around your body, lower into position and relax.

That's it. It really is that easy. And within seconds you'll start to feel the muscle stretch and relax. Many people find that just 5 minutes a day is all they need to stay pain free!

One of the things that really sets The Back Bubble® apart from other forms of spinal decompression is that it allows you to perform it while in numerous different positions. So regardless of how bad your pain is or how difficult it may be for you to move, you should be able to find at least one position that will work for you.

And Here's What People Are Saying About The Back Bubble®:

"Four months ago I suffered a lower back injury, resulting in excruciating pain. I was told that I might have to live with the pain indefinitely. This is when I was first introduced to your Back Bubble. After using it at home, my pain has decreased substantially. I fully recommend the use of the Back Bubble to anyone with lower back pain."
Jeff Cope

"I suffered with back pain every morning and night and now it is just about gone after a few treatments with the back bubble. I am able to stand and walk in a more normal, upright, painless position."
Mike Gordon

  •   Quickly relieves lower back pain and sciatica
  •   Inflatable and adjustable for comfort
  •   Portable: weighs 6 lbs. and deflates to fit in your suitcase
  •   Multi-positional: Supplies upright or inverted spinal decompression
  •   Allows the user to decompress the spine in flexion, neutral or extension
  •   Allows the user to perform multiple core strengthening exercises while in traction
  •   Helps keep the spine in alignment
  •   Rehabilitates and rejuvenates the lumbar spine
  •   The user can stretch the hamstrings and quads while in traction
  •   FDA registered

See real results in a matter of days.

If you suffer from any type of back pain or sciatica, I'm sure you are going to find The Back Bubble® to be a life saver. It's safe, easy to use and works incredibly well.

Is The Back Bubble® going to be able to solve all your problems and eliminate 100% of your pain. I don't know, but I do know that it will certainly help you to feel better.

Order yours now and feel the difference it makes. If it doesn't reduce or completely eliminate your pain, simply send it back to us for a complete refund (except for shipping).




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