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Back Pain Forums: How They Can Help You Achieve Relief

By Steven Hefferon


Today's topic is on the use of social sites for health. The first question that comes to my mind is this: Do we really need the help of others for us to heal our own bodies? In my opinion, the answer is yes and the answer is also no.

The answer is no because our bodies are self-healing organisms. Take away what is causing the irritation, give it what it needs and our body will heal itself. It's as simple as that.

On the flip side, there are a certain percentage of people who physically need, intellectually need and spiritually need the help of others to begin the healing process. And it shouldn't be discredited or looked down upon for us as humans to seek the help of others. There is an ironic analogy we could use here.

When Tom Hanks was on that deserted island in the film "Castaway," he proved that he could treat his own tooth with a rock and a coconut. The irony of it was that he had volleyball he named Wilson to help keep his sanity. So in my opinion we need the support of our parents, we seek the help of doctors and therapists, and we seek help from complete strangers to help us through difficult times.

Now the unique thing that happens from complete strangers is that they give information in the absence of the expectancy of a specific outcome. And that, in some cases, is the best type of information to get. Here's a short story about my father to illustrate this idea.

In 2003 my father was diagnosed with gastric cancer. We had a very hard time in the recovery. One of the most miraculous things that happened, and we heard this story from a friend of a friend of a friend, was that this woman had the same exact surgery and lived until she was 95 years old. As soon as my father heard that story, his attitudes, his beliefs, his willingness to live completely changed for the better.

It was instantaneous and it has been almost 6 years since he's heard that information. So do not underestimate the power of information that comes from complete strangers with the absence of an expected outcome.

Here at The Healthy Back Institute, it is our mission to help educate you so that you can build your awareness to a level where you can begin asking better questions of your doctors and therapists and other healthcare providers. This information helps you better understand what can best work for you and your individual situation. In regard to social forums on the topic of health and wellness, here's what I want you to think about as you go through the process of using them.

The Four Perspectives

From an intellectual perspective, I want you to understand that you can build your intellectual capacity and build your awareness of what is possible. There are some doctors that are not going to talk to you about the latest advances or 2000-year-old treatments. So it is up to you to identify what is actually available to you. You can get that information from the thousands of people out there who have tried different treatments and modalities for their pain issue.

From a physical perspective, the forums help you get ideas. In most cases back pain conditions are a physical problem to which you will seek out physical solutions. It's that simple, and these forums offer personal experiences with various physical treatment modalities that you may not even have heard of.

From an emotional perspective, it just feels better to tell someone else your story. It just feels better to know that you are not the only one who is struggling with your problem. And it just feels better to share your story and know that it might just help somebody else. And that brings us to our fourth point.

From a spiritual perspective, the fastest way to heal yourself is to help others heal. And our Forum is a great place to get and share information on back pain and its treatments.

From the beginning when you first create a post on our forum, to the time you actually get relief, you are sharing your story, you are sharing your ideas, you are sharing your successes and failures, but you are ultimately going to share your experience. And people can and do learn from your successes and failures, while at the same time getting motivated by your persistence, enthusiasm, desire and your drive. Let's now look at the specifics of using the forum.

How to Use the Forum

The first step is to put your name in there, and a pseudonym is fine. Next, put a subject line in there that would be interesting and enticing for someone else to read. The third thing is to then tell your story.

There is a warning that I tell people with regard to their personal stories and it is this: By telling your story too often you can trap yourself and keep yourself in that cycle. So tell your story as little as possible but tell it completely.

Next, when you do tell your story don't use adjectives like "severe" or "horrible" or "permanent." Don't believe and don't put yourself out there as being in more pain than everybody else. Chances are, there are thousands of other people with the same pain or more pain than you have. You just don't know this because you have not (yet) met them. But you will in the forum.

After you have shared your personal story, you can also use the forum to read others' stories and their perspectives on treatments or modalities. In our forum there are tools to find what specifically you are looking for. On the top right corner there is a search box where you can type in key words or phrases to look for similar cases or diagnoses, duration of suffering, desired outcomes. Going through the process of using the forum, you want to find similar cases that relate to you and your situation.

When writing about particular posts you want to make sure that you write it in a way that asks a question that could relate to as many people as possible. Examples include: "Has anyone tried XYZ?" or "Does anyone have suggestions about XYZ product or treatment?" And so on.

When posting questions to the forum it is best to be more general and not give too much personal information, as these tend to send the replies into too many directions. Remember, you can give or already have given the personal information in the post about your story. But in posts asking for advice or experiences, the broader the question the more specific are the responses you will get.

What to Expect and What Not to Do

Don't expect to be given information that will work for you instantaneously. Don't go to a forum and say, "I've got back pain, what should I do?" and then expect someone to write a post telling you to do ABC and you do it an become healed.

This won't happen. I do not want you to start implementing a program from a forum without you first knowing and understanding what is actually most appropriate and best for you and your current state.

The Forum will provide you with a lot of information but I want you to be specific about how you implement it. So do not just ask your question, get a response, and act on that response as if it is all you need. However, do be open and engaging, do tell your story and your successes and failures. And here's the most important thing: be willing to stick with it. Be willing to continue to inspire yourself, to inspire others, through the process of using the forum.

Forums are anonymous, so it's not like you are actually getting up on a stage and revealing yourself to strangers. In person we are more apt to hold things back and omit certain facts about ourselves and our situations. But on a Forum we can feel free to share and to learn without feeling stupid or self conscious or afraid.

I'd like to conclude this article with a great quote that I've put together.

"The cure to fear, worry and doubt is to study, build your awareness and foster your wisdom."

I wish you the best and invite you to Visit Our Back Pain Forum to both learn and share experience.


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