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Why Traditional Treatments For
Back Pain Almost Always Fail...


And Simple Tests You Can Do At Home To Find Out Whatís Really Causing Your Back Pain!...


Millions of people suffer from back pain unnecessarily and billions of dollars are spent on treatments that just donít work, according to Jesse Cannone, certified personal trainer and fitness expert.  "Unfortunately, many people are led to believe that back pain is something we all just have to live with... well, the good news is, thatís not the case at all!" says Cannone.


Most traditional treatments, such as anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone shots, chiropractic care, and physical therapy, all fail to deliver long term relief because they only treat the symptoms and they fail to address the true cause of the problem.


The only way to successfully treat back pain and expect long-term, lasting relief is to systematically treat both the symptoms and the cause. Over 80% of all back pain is caused by muscle imbalances... not a lack of prescription drugs or visits to your chiropractor. These muscle imbalances create numerous physical dysfunctions... there are 4 that are very common and are responsible for nearly all cases of back pain.


Now you can perform a series of self assessments in the comfort of your own home to pinpoint what specific muscle imbalances and dysfunctions you have and find out exactly whatís causing your back pain. Then simply follow the step-by-step instructions based on the results of your assessments and in weeks, if not sooner, not only will your back feel great, but so will the rest of your body.


These assessments are covered in the "Lose the Back Pain" system which is available online at LoseTheBackPain.com or by calling 888-343-FITT (800-216-4908)

Lose the Back Pain is produced by The Healthy Back Institute.


Jesse Cannone is a certified personal trainer, post-rehabilitation specialist, and fitness author with over 7 years experience helping people eliminate back pain.

Review copies and interviews are available on request by calling 800-216-4908, or email your request to support (at) losethebackpain.com




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