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Multi-million dollar sports teams like the Philadelphia Eagles ...
New York Jets ... Tampa Bay Buccaneers ...
are finally winning the war against chronic pain ...

This back pain "robot" is the new
SECRET WEAPON of Pro Sports Teams
for getting rid of years of chronic pain
with just the push of a button!


"After watching what you did for John LeClair's low back pain we bought five machines for the team!"
— Jim McCrossin, Philadelphia Flyers, Athletic Trainer

Dear Friend,

I laughed the first time I heard about this back pain robot. I mean a robot, really?

I had visions of the robot from that old television show Lost in Space who was always running around yelling, "Danger Will Robinson! Danger!" But I'm NOT laughing anymore because this might just be THE SINGLE GREATEST TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH for treating pain to come along in the last 50 years!

If you're suffering from chronic back, neck, leg or shoulder pain and want to finally get rid of it I have amazing news for you today. Because not only am I about to share with you this remarkable treatment proven to be literally a "magic button" for removing chronic back, neck, leg and shouder pain...

...I've also arranged for you to get a FREE phone consultation with the physical therapy clinic responsible for developing and perfecting this remarkable "robot" to see if it could help you (don't let the term robot scare you – it's painless and feels great). So ...

  • If you're suffering from a serious back condition like herniated, bulging or slipped discs ... sciatic nerve pain. .. Arthritis of the spine ... scoliosis ... pinched nerves... lower or upper back pain or one of a hundred other back conditions this “robot” could change your life for the better forever —sometimes after just a single treatment...
  • If you've injured your back and the pain just won't go away. And every time you think it might be getting better you re-injure it doing simple day-to-day activities - then this back pain robot holds the key to finally getting lasting pain relief for you...

You should know this "magic button" pain treatment is revolutionizing the world of physical therapy and pain treatment and it’s starting to get a lot of press:

  • Feature stories on this robot have been run in The New York times ... Vogue Magazine .. The Chicago Tribune ... Elle Magazine ...Men's Journal ...and other publications...
  • Major television networks like CBS ... ABC ... NBC ... and PBS ... and others have been running stories about this new treatment method and the folks it's helping ....

The pro sports world, where spending a million dollars to keep an athlete healthy is considered a smart investment, is ditching more expensive methods and FLOCKING to this treatment:

Why are Pro Athletes on the cutting edge of pain relief? Because they have to be!
  • The Philadelphia Eagles took these pain robots with them to Super Bowl XXXIX ... you'll find a robot in the locker rooms of The Philadelphia Flyers .. and the Toronto Blue Jays ...
  • Players and former players from The New York Jets ... The New Orleans Saints ... The New York Yankees ... the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ... The New York Rangers ... Dallas Cowboys ...Detroit Lions ... and others are using the robot to get relief...
  • Sports veterans like PGA legends Jack Nicklaus and Mike Souchak ... NFL All-Pro player Jimmy Giles ... and many, many others have all used this "robot" too.

The list of current and former pro athletes using this robot is practically endless because it works so well.

I believe you deserve the same excellent pain treatment
all these million-dollar athletes get

— the good news is it WON'T cost you a fortune
(your first consultation is FREE!)

I'd like to introduce you to Al Melius, he's a former GE engineer who went into physical therapy and the inventor of the Therbo Robotic Arm.

Al relies on the same principles of Muscle Balance Therapy that we use here at The Healthy Back Institute — in fact, he's starting to require new patients first order and complete our best-selling Lose The Back Pain System before starting with treatment with his robot.

So our treatment methods are very similar — the difference is we show you how to balance your muscles by yourself at home and Al has a magic button to lengthen and balance your muscles down in his clinic in Pinellas Park, Florida.

For a long time we haven't had a clinic we felt comfortable referring you to for hands on treatment but because Al shares our treatment philosophy (and great success rate) I feel compelled to let you know about him.

I'd like you to watch this short video from Fox News about Al and his robot. The picture quality isn't as great as I'd like BUT I think the information you get is well worth watching it:

"Al's robot gave me my life back." - Terry McNamara

  • "For years I suffered from lower back pain, but not anymore; the robotic arm was painless and felt fantastic" — Phil Esposito, NHL, Hockey Hall of Fame
  • "After watching what you did for John LeClair's low back pain we bought five machines for the team!" — Jim McCrossin, Philadelphia Flyers, Athletic Trainer
  • "My arm hasn't felt like this since I was nineteen!" — Dwight "Doc" Gooden, Pitcher for The New York Yankees

Even medical professionals are lining up to rave about how great Al's robotic therapy works ...

  • "Do not give up on your chronic pain and suffering! I don't care how long you have been suffering. Not everything has been done until you give Meilus Robotic Muscular Therapy a chance to help you. The results are astonishing!" Dr. John E. Sandoz, Chiropractic Orthopedist and Certified Sports Physician
  • "The robot makes us look good fast!" Dr. John Young
  • "This is going to REVOLUTIONIZE our profession! The results I'm getting are phenomenal." Michael Ryan, Physical Therapist

There's a lot more you'll want to know
about Al's back pain robot
so I've arranged for you to get a FREE Phone Consultation ... with Al or his staff at his clinic

I know you're going to have a TON of questions about Al's treatment methods and I want you to get every one of them answered.

So the best way to do that is to talk to Al or the folks at his clinic in Pinellas Park.

But please, ONLY fill out the form below if you would be willing to travel to Florida to get treatment — right now you'll have to travel to Al's clinic for your initial treatment if you decide to move forward with him.

Don't worry, you're not committing to anything by filling out the form below other than getting some more information and getting all your questions answered. But I don't want Al to be stuck fielding calls from thousands of people who are not seriously considering getting treatment.

Al is a really nice guy who deeply cares about helping people out so he's doing us all a favor by taking some of his time to talk to you about how his robot and muscle balance therapy can help you.

Follow these simple steps to get your
FREE Phone Consultation

  1. Simply enter your name, phone number and email address in the form below.
  2. You will receive a phone call from Al's clinic within 48 hours.
  3. You will need to have had an MRI done and have your copy with you during your consultation.
  4. Be prepared to explain a short history of your back pain problems and to go over the details of your MRI.
  5. Also, Al is now requiring all his patients to get The Lose The Back Pain System before visiting the clinic for treatment so if you haven't gotten yours yet click here to order it today.

If you feel like you need personal help with your back pain and everything else has failed to give you lasting pain relief please feel out the form and talk to Al.

We highly recommend him.

Jesse Cannone,
Co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute

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