The Complete Healing Formula for Back Pain

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There are all article, I have written where I share me personnel stories
and personnel opinions of each element of recovery, except for the
weight loss one but it is to good of and article to not put in…




1. Balancing the body from a physical factor.


Sample goal: 10 minutes of corrective exercise



2. The use of Spinal Decompression factor.


Sample goal: 10 minutes of inversion



3. The Nutrition factor.


Sample goal: do not drink a soda today, replace with more water



4. The Detox factor.


Sample goal: eat more fiber today or cleanse your colon once a week



5. The Supplement Factor.


Sample goal: take your one a day at the very least



6. The weight loss factor.


Sample goal: read this article it will change your life



7. The Mind Body factor


Sample goal: meditate for 10 minutes before getting out of bed,
10 minutes before you go to sleep and for 1 minute 10 times a day.



8. The Trigger Point Therapy factor


Sample goal: needs less than 5 minutes



9. The massage factor


Sample goal: get a massage once a month if only for 30 minutes



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