“Bodybuilding Sins” Article #4 – Targeted Exercises

What is a Targeted Exercise and Why You Need To Be Doing Them?

While performing three different exercises for each area of the chest may sound “targeted” and it may work great for targeting the chest itself… this is NOT what we mean by targeted…

What we are talking about is choosing exercises with more than just size increases in mind… remember, there is far more to muscle than just how it looks… You can be really big, but also weak, slow and inflexible.

To drive this point home some more, remember the “Turtle Back Syndrome” we covered in article #1? So many body builders are plagued with this gruesome condition and they don’t even know it! Are you?

The Turtle Back condition is a direct result of too much focus on building up the pecs and lats and not enough focus on the upper back. Also, the lack of focus on flexibility in the chest and shoulders makes it even worse…

Not only does this look stupid, but it sets you up for back, neck and shoulder problems like rotator cuff tears and the like… and I know you don’t want any of those!

So by targeted, we mean exercises that will not just develop muscle strength and size, but more importantly work towards correcting muscle imbalances which will mean less pain and missed workouts, better performance and function, and most of all better and balanced total body development!

Click Here to Find Out Which Ones You NEED To be Doing?

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