Inversion Questions Answered and New Support Group

A few days ago I sent an email out about inversion therapy and we have been
getting tons of questions so I thought I’d answer some of the most common ones…

QUESTION #1 – Does inversion therapy help if you have neck pain?

Great question… yes, it can help if you are dealing with neck pain. With inversion,
everything from the ankle all the way up through the neck and head gets stretched
and pressure relieved.

Now, it’s important to point out that while you do get the benefits for the neck when
using an inversion table, there are other decompression devices out there that work
well but do not address the neck.

QUESTION #2 – I’ve had a hip replacement, can I do inversion?

That all depends… if you have had a “total hip replacement” it’s NOT recommended.
Same is true for a total knee replacement. In these situations you would want to use
an alternative like the “Back Bubble” (see next question below).

If you have had a partial hip replacement you should check with your doctor but we
have had many doctors say it’s ok.

QUESTION #3 – Are there other devices other than an inversion table that do
the same thing?

Another great question… yes, there are many devices out there but only a handful
that really work well. One of the best alternatives we’ve found to an inversion table
is a product called “The Back Bubble” and you can learn more about it here.

You can also look into traction which would be performed by a qualified doctor
or therapist. And another method that is being pushed by a lot of chiropractors
is the DRX9000. You can read more about it and other forms of decompression here.

And last, here are some more emails we’ve received from people who have
used inversion therapy:

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