Post Back Surgery Pain? You’re not alone…

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While working with the Healthy Back Institute, I have talked to thousands of back pain suffers who have undergone some form of surgery.

They are shocked to learn afterward that most spinal surgeries typically fail three to five years later.

By “fail,” I mean that you find yourself in pain once again. In fact, these operations are so unreliable, that the medical establishment coined a term for them: Failed Back Pain Surgery Syndrome (FBPSS).

It’s not your fault that you were misled or that you once again are finding yourself in pain. And while you may think your case is unique, it is not. There certainly are a thousand different circumstances leading to back surgery… but the truth is your story has ended up just like everyone else’s.

The trouble is due to a slight defect in the medical community’s approach that gets played out over and over when dealing with back pain surgery.

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