1. Cristiano Ronaldo says

    The backache is a pain or stiffness of the back. Pain in the inferior or average part is commonest to feel the back. In article findrxonline indicated The backaches are more common during the adolescence, but also the people of legal age suffer and who appear and disappear during periods of time.
    The backaches can be caused by a pull in some of the 200 muscles of the back that allow us to maintain to us raised. The pull takes place when raising very heavy objects, when raising something from an uncomfortable position or when doing too much effort with muscles of the back. Most of the backaches the twist of a ligament or muscle can be caused by tension or.
    The backache can be associated with:
    – Stiffness, creeps, loss of mobility in an arm or a leg
    – Pain Chest or difficulty to breathe
    – Increase of the intensity of the pain, although this with medicines
    – Difficulty to walk or to maintain the balance.

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