Sciatica Causes

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What Causes Sciatica?

Find out in this informative video… plus you’ll also learn why most traditional sciatica treatments fail to deliver lasting pain relief, how to identify what’s causing your sciatica and which treatments are likely to work the best for you.

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  1. braz silveira says

    respected sir ,i have nerve trapped in the cervical area, since may be 14 years ago , and it has troubled me a lot since then , recently i have x rayed the cervical column and have discovered that i have slight cervical spondolysis, so willyou please help me, thanks .

  2. moddy1 says

    Sciatica is less common than most people think, much less common than back pain. It is often caused by standing or sitting badly, but the pain can be made worse by bending without use of the legs or unsupported twisted or sideways movements.

  3. Sarah says

    I am 9 weeks pregnant with my first baby, I have never had back trouble before but now I am having sciatic pain; it is on my right side, right in my lower back/upper buttock cheek but not down my leg at all.

    I have tried baths, hot water bottles etc but am worried about stretching it and causing more damage – are stretches safe and are they safe during pregnancy?

  4. Admin says

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your query. Please discuss doing any exercises or stretches etc with your doctor/healthcare provider first to ensure they are safe for you.

    You may find this article about pregnancy and back/sciatic pain useful:-

    Also we would suggest getting a copy of our free back pain book:-
    “7 Day Back Pain Cure”

    Do check with your doctor if stretches/strengthening exercises are OK for you and if so take a look at our Lose The Back Pain system:-

    Thank you

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