Causes of Chronic Back Pain

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Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Learn what really causes chronic back pain and sciatica and how to finally get lasting relief when you listen to this audio interview radio host and personality, John Melley and back pain relief expert, Jesse Cannone.

Jesse Cannone and John Melley Interview – Part 1

Jesse Cannone and John Melley Interview – Part 2

Jesse Cannone and John Melley Interview – Part 3

Jesse Cannone and John Melley Interview – Part 4

Jesse Cannone and John Melley Interview – Part 5

Jesse Cannone and John Melley Interview – Part 6

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  1. Charmaine Hopson says

    Excellent interview with John Melley. Bought your product a week ago but have not had time to look at it fully yet.
    However, I soon realised that spending a lot of time sitting at the computer and twisting my spine to write
    down things is what caused my leg pain. So just did your simple basic exercises till I get round to following your course soon. Also have earthing mat to
    deflect the electronic smog and decrease inflammation!
    However I did cure myself holistically 27 years ago with homoeopathy, acupuncture and diet also breast cancer six years ago so have deep awareness of mind body spirit and energy healing. I refuse to take any pharmaceuticals whatsoever!
    Very happy to have your ‘Lose the back pain course’ as I
    know it has saved me loads of money to the chiropractor.
    Jesse thank you for being such a shining example by helping me to heal one of the most prevalent problems that the allopathic medical people are unable to cure,
    while making fortunes out of our pain.

  2. says

    Wow… great to hear and I love to hear from people like yourself who take action and make things happen…

    Many folks come to the site and do nothing but complain… and never take action to “fix” things in their life, whether being stuck in pain or flat broke or both!

    Thanks for posting :)

    Jesse Cannone

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