Bad Genes to Blame for Back Pain?

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Back Pain and GeneticsA recently published study out of Denmark was widely reported by news agencies around the globe last month to prove a link between genetics and back pain. But how much can you really blame your back pain on your genes?

After reviewing the similarities and differences of 7,664 pairs of twins – about 56% fraternal and 44% identical – researchers claim they were able to establish a similarity in back pain risk and pain. By studying patterns in both types of twins, the genetic and environmental risk factors can be better understood.
The attributed level of genetic risk for back pain varied by what area of the back was affected. Neck pain was most commonly associated at 39%, followed closely by lower back pain at 38% then thoracic, or mid-back pain at 32%.

What is important to remember though is while genes may place one at increased risk, back pain itself always has an underlying cause. Preventing back pain, or eliminating it once it occurs, remains possible in the vast majority of cases through corrective back pain exercises, inversion therapy, trigger point therapy, better nutrition, reducing inflammation naturally and other lifestyle changes.

Also, this research contradicts other research that has proven that the environment has the greatest effect on our cells and how they develop and change. Watch this video to learn more about how our genes actually work:

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  1. Thoracic Back Pain says

    wow, absolutely valuable information and great video. The future definitely lies in genetics, i am a doctor doing my masters degree and my research topic is about the future of genetics in treating chronic illness such as back pain … thanks alot for the valuable information !

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