The Divided Mind – Book Review

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Book Review: The Divided Mind by Dr. John Sarno

One of Dr. Sarno’s most comprehensive books on the subject of the mind and how it can create all sorts of pain. Watch this quick video review to see what we think about it…

If you’ve read this book, please post your comments.

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  1. Randy H says

    I’ve read Dr. Sarno’s book and I agree with you. I think Sarno makes valid points about “TMS” (Tension Myotic Syndrome)– upon reflection much of what he writes about the mind playing tricks on us makes sense. But I was also left with doubts about the existence of a physical factor to my health issues. After discovering your LoseTheBackPain system, I have now discovered that I have numerous muscle imbalances and, like you say in your review, the mind is only one element involved.

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