Non Surgical Spinal Decompression Devices Reviewed

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Inversion Therapy Table vs the Nubax TrioIn this video we do an in-depth review of both inversion therapy and a device called the Nubax Trio. While both are great at decompressing the spine, they each have their advantages and disadvantages. Find out which one is right for you in this video.

Nubax® Trio

  • Easy to assemble – can be set up in minutes without a second person.
  • Very easy to use – just about anyone, regardless of age or physical condition can use it. We have customers who are over 90 years old using it!
  • Lightweight but strong – making it easy to store or move around yet durable.
  • Traction Control – Allows you to control the amount of traction applied which can be very helpful. You can start out very light and then slowly increase the amount over time.
  • Few Contraindications – here are very few people who can’t use it.
  • No Cervical Traction – so this is not going to help much for upper back and neck pain.

Inversion Therapy Table

Used for nearly 2000 years, inversion therapy has millions of success stories and has been shown in studies to reduce the need for back surgery by over 70%. Here’s a list of the pros and cons:

  • Complete spine – inversion decompresses the entire spine and even other joints like the ankles, knees and hips though you can’t increase the amount of traction (at least not easily).
  • Easy to use – most people can get into and use an inversion table without issue. However, some people do not feel comfortable going to full inversion and some older adults or people with severe weakness may find it difficult.
  • Additional Exercises – there are quite a few exercises that can be performed on an inversion table that can help strength your legs and abs as well as stretches to improve flexibility.
  • Relaxing – many people find that inversion therapy is very relaxing for them, putting them almost into a meditative state which delivers additional benefits.
  • Set up – while not difficult, most inversion tables require two people to set up.
  • Weight and Size – most inversion tables are fairly heavy (to be safe) and take up quite a bit of space. Though most can be folded up to reduce space.
  • Contraindications – there are a handful of health conditions where inversion is not recommended. You can find a complete list in the FAQ’s by clicking on the link below.
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  1. kevin says

    I have been advised that I have scoliosis in my right lower lumbar area and was wondering if it is safe to use Inversion therapy. I have constant pain in my lower centre back


  2. Jim Merwin says


    I am 66 years old and have used a Teeter Inversion table daily for the past 4 months. I think it works great and I enjoy inversion. But, I recently developed double vision (probably from a virus) so I decided to try the NuBax to avoid any possible damage to my vision. I have found the Nubax even better for lower back decompression and I like the fact I can take it with me on trips to golf and mountain resorts where it will help me cope with the demands I face there.
    As always your video comments comparing the two devices are very objective and professional.
    Thanks for the insights.

  3. Ray McDowell says

    I have had a knee replaced and told by my doctor that he would not suggest using “inversion therapy” as it could cause damage to my artificial knee. So, for the moment I have not tried it. I have purchased the Nubio Trio but I still have a problem of “do not kneel on your artificial knee” – So – I have found it to still be very effective by putting it on two dining room chairs. I set the front end on one chair and step into the Nubio. Then I lift it and slide the second chair (at the back) under the rear support and then I can use it about the same way I could if I was on the floor. So, if any of your customers have a similar situation with an artifical knee, I recommend they try this. I think they will find it will work for them very well. It surely helps me.
    Ray McDowell

  4. mike deleo says

    have had decompression treatments on many types of machines , spent a small fortune. i now own two stamens inversion chairs they are ,in my opinion the best help for my condition i hope to try the inversion chair sold by sears it looks interesting thankyou for your website mike

  5. Jesse Cannone says

    Thanks everyone for posting…

    Jim: glad to hear that the Nubax is working well for you. As you mentioned, it is excellent for the lower back… and easy to transport/carry.

  6. Victor Fedrizzi says

    I have my #5 and #6 knceck cervical spine joints fused together. I have had no relief from the surgery and even more pain for years. Is the Inversion Table Bad for me to use. Or should I only partially Invert myself? ??

  7. Aida says

    I have lower back pain through accident 5 years ago.Then diagnose withherniated degenerative disc disease level 6 7 9 with 2 bulging disc and 1 raptured disc. I wonder if Inversion theraphy would be good for me. Please help.

  8. Norma says

    Jesse, I need help. I have an inversion table – purchased 9/2/08 but have used it very little. #1, it’s so heavy for me to move and I don’t always like to ask for help. Because of its size, I do keep it scrunched in a corner of the bedroom but not opened for use.
    #2, I’m having the darndest time with the locking pin (around the ankles) – I cannot budge it. My husband also has quite a time getting it to work. I can’t lock this pin, neither can I unlock it. Most frustrating. I think WD-40 is going to be used on it. We watched the video and saw the young woman just reach down between her feet and with almost fingernail-touch – the locking pin was down and again with that magic touch – the locking pin was up……it doesn’t happen like that for us. It’s a major struggle.
    #3, About the padded part that comes down on my ankles – it hurts….a lot. I was wearing (as mentioned in the video) lightweight, flat soled, normal, tennis style shoes….The video stressed NOT to wear shoes with thick soles. My ankles felt like they were being crushed. Back to the video, lo and behold I saw where the female model was wearing thick soled shoes with a tongue that protruded way above the shoe – so I got out my thick soled shoes like hers and tried the inversion table again. My ankles still hurt. I tried different degrees of ups and downs which did lessen the hurt but I want to work on my spine, etc. and don’t feel it will help if I’m not inverted enough.
    I realize that with your shoveling snow (what a shock that must have been for you folks and with a power outage, too…I’m in Maine and it really can be 2nd nature to us – at least, we expect winters to be like that) and the excess products you found – that you don’t need my problems on top of yours. Still, I want to use my inversion table (with the help of Rol) but don’t like my ankles hurting so much.
    Can you or your staff offer any suggestions? I’ve read where your clients are having such good results using theirs and would like to join the crowd of having a happy back. I’ve enjoyed your videos and wish you the very best in life. Happy day. Blessings, Norma

  9. Admin says

    Hi Norma,Aida,Victor and Kevin,

    Thank you for your queries and questions.
    While they do read, review and monitor this blog, I suggest that you contact them direct with your queries using the following link:

    They will then be able to discuss your specific query and any other relevant factors, with more privacy than is available here.
    Thank you

  10. andy says

    hello, I use my inversion table about 3x a week. I find it beneficial. I had to jimmy up a bungie cord to make the table go at full inversion. my ankles also hurt when full inversion. other than that, it is good.

  11. Ray Anderson says

    My doctor read my xrays and stated I had arthritis in my lower back. I went to a chiroprator who uses a machine to effect spinal decompression. The xrays he took and I saw, showed no arthritis at all. It did show a bulging disc, which, decompression therapy works excellent on. I have been recieving treatments for two weeks and have a significant change already. Not yet pain free but getting there. Be careful what your doctor diagnoses. They, in my experience, diagnose what they can treat with drugs. The goal seems to be “how many life time perscriptions can I write” BTW my doctor is 20 years younger and is (opinion) pissed because I am in way better shape than he is.

  12. Paul Varga says

    Dear Jesse,

    Can you please tell me when you think you
    might get more Nubax Trios in stock?


    Paul Varga

  13. Jerry Fregien says


    I think you should warn “tall people” that the Nubax is extremely difficult to use and advise anyone over six foot two to arrange for a trial period that they would be able to try it to find out if it works for them. I am 6’4″ tall, and found it impossible to use. I need to thank you for allowing me to send it back for a refund.
    Jerry Fregien

  14. Edward Shick says

    Hi , It says you are sold out on Nuback, when will they be back in stock Ed shick 419 339 5636

  15. Susan Hay says

    I was told I should not use the inversion table because of an osteoporosis diagnosis. I am wondering if the Nubax Trio would be more appropriate for me. It looks very appealing and easy to use. By the way, I have succeeded in reversing my osteoporosis to osteopenia in about 2 years through a natural protocol of nutrition and targeted strength exercise…NO DRUGS! Pretty good, huh? I am 61 years old and in excellent health. I work out almost every day but sometimes the lower back/hip pain acts up.

  16. Guerrino Fabretto says

    Please let me know were I can see the answers to the questions above.
    Thank you

    Guerrino Fabretto

  17. Guerrino Fabretto says

    Is potassium permanganate the same as potasium sulfate. Please let me know how can be used for the building of cartilages.
    Thank you

  18. Susan says

    Your straightforward information, answers and compassionate help in all the videos you’ve made freely available, is greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work! Thanks so much!

  19. Hakonson says

    Ambulatory spinal unloading is the “new kid on the block” when it comes to spinal decompression treatment for acute and chronic low back pain.

    Everyone knows that stabilizing the spine and allowing strained muscles to relax and heal are critical to the healing process. Anecdotally we also know that relieving pressure on the discs via traction or inversion tables etc relieves the pain and we also know that continued activity opposed to inactivity is beneficial.

    But, until ambulatory spinal unloading came along there was no way to offer the low back pain suffer the full treatment since all previous spinal decompression devices require the user to be stationary. The ambulatory spinal unloading treatment modality however allows the low back pain sufferer the ability to regain mobility, flexibility and activity in a spine decompressed (unloaded), pain free or pain reduced environment, allowing discs to rehabilitate, muscles to realign and mend and damaged nerves to heal.

    Ambulatory spinal unloading is without a doubt, the most beneficial and cost effective, non-invasive treatment modalities for acute and chronic low back pain available today.

    Typical indications for this new treatment modality are most forms of low back pain that have been caused by; degenerative disc decease, herniated or bulging disc, nerve impingement, stenosis, facet syndrome, spondylolisthesis, lumbar vertebrae compression fracture, sciatica, lordosis etc and for many “undiagnosable” causes of low back pain.

  20. Greg says

    I’ve had both devices, and for me the Inversion Table is definitely the better of the 2.
    I found the Nubax just seemed to pull on my hips, but really didn’t relieve my lower back.

  21. Sean B. says

    From reading everyone’s post so far:
    the nubax is for people on the go… less than 6ft tall. The inversion table is good for all ages and disease/dysfunction unless you have been told not to use it or you found discomfort using it.

    I should also add that using some form of oxygen therapy is also an excellent addition to your decompression. I use this when I am at my chiropractors. And restoring blood flow and oxygen to the brain helps.

    For DECOMPRESSION increased oxygen flow (and if it is filtered through a humidifier) OR if you have a humidifier in the room you are decompressing in will help hydrate your discs… allowing for your decompression efforts to last longer..

  22. Admin says

    Hi Niels,

    Thank you for your post and query.

    We do ship products, books etc to Europe, but we do not ship the inversion table or nubax to Europe at this time.

    Please contact us if we can help with anything.

    Thank you

  23. Admin says

    Hi Anand,

    Thank you for your post and query. We are sorry but we can not ship inversion tables out side the US. Thank you

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