Dr. Oz on Inversion Therapy

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Did you see the recent episode of the Dr. Oz show where he talked about inversion therapy and it’s benefits?

Even traditionally trained, mainstream doctors like Dr. Oz are finally starting to catch on (but boy are they slow!) to inversion therapy for treating all sorts of back and sciatic pain. Plus, not only can it help eliminate back related pain but is also can help you PREVENT it from coming about by keeping the spine stretched out, well hydrated and healthy.

If you aren’t familiar with inversion therapy, click here to watch our videos about inversion.

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  1. Inversion Table says

    I’ve used an inversion table for the last 3 years and my back pain has been considerably relieved.

  2. Admin says

    Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for your query. With a medical condition like scoliosis it is best that you consult with your physician on this question as only they have full knowledge of your complete medical history.

    Thank you

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