Where to Find Prolozone Therapy

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A couple of weeks ago I shared an interview about Prolozone Therapy I did with its creator, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, for our Live Pain Free paid newsletter. Normally this type of interview is reserved for our paid subscribers, but this information was just too important to withhold.

If you heard that interview already, you know Prolozone Therapy is a virtually painless, non-surgical procedure completed in just minutes in a qualified doctor’s office with a phenomenal 75% success rate.

And by success, I’m not talking about run-of-the-mill “less pain while you keep doing the therapy” results. I’m talking about a therapy that corrects the actual underlying disorder and results in a permanent cure for many types of severe chronic pain in areas that are notoriously hard to repair, like joints, tendons, and ligaments in your knee, shoulder, wrist, hip, spinal disc, etc.

Now I’m getting emails from readers all over the world asking where they can find a doctor trained in Prolozone Therapy. So today I’m happy to share a comprehensive list of doctors qualified to administer Prolozone Therapy (and other ozone related therapies).

If you’ve already found success using Prolozone Therapy, I would love to hear your feedback below. And if you haven’t listened to the Dr. Shallenberger interview yet, I urge you to do so now!

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  1. Roy Taylor says

    Your list of Prolozone Therapists is not coming up on my computer, no matter how many times I try.
    I am anxious to find if there are any in Australia.
    Even Prolo Therapists.
    Roy Taylor.

  2. Mark Burnett says

    I live on Maui, Hawaii. Are there any or will there be any Doctors starating the Prolozone Therapy? I have problms with my right thumb joint from playing guitar professionally for 45 years. I currently get painful cortizone injections about every three to four months. Also bulging disc in my neck & lower back pain for a Lamonectomy on L5, S1. I make my living playing guitar so I could use any info that you may offer. Thank you & Aloha………..Mark Burnett

  3. Lois Tirrell says

    Are there any doctors in northern NJ who provide prolozone therapy? My husband’s shoulder has a lot of damage and deterioration and I think he would be a good candidate.

    Thanks you.

    Lois Tirrell

  4. Gerald Mielke says

    I would like a listing of Prolotherapy or Prolozone practitioners in the area closest to Hudson, WI (area code 54016). This would include the Minneapolis /
    St Paul, MN area. I need to so something about my knee and this sounds much better as well as less intrusive then sawing out the old joint and screwing in new hardware.

  5. Sharon Long says

    Is prolozone therapy used for osteoarthritis in hands (finger joints and base of thumbs @ wrists)? If so, who does this near to Batavia, NY?

  6. Gordon Jones says

    what doctors do prolozone in the southern california area. I live in Chino which is about 10 miles from northern orange county. And 35 miles due east from Los Angeles. Thanks.

  7. Ellen Simoneau says

    I used to work for a Prolotherapist until he passed away very suddenly. It is a great therapy, but I am looking for one the does Prolozone in Massachusetts (Boston area)and also in New Hampshire (Nashua area). I have also had PRP. I seemed to have had just as much results from the Prolotherapy as the PRP (Protein Rich Plasma). Also the Prolotherapy costs three times less. I am also looking for a doctor that does Serapin. We had wonderful results in the doctors office for this…. particularly arthritic knees. Loved the article in Townsend Newsletter, June issue.

    • Kirstin says

      Ellen did you find anyone who does prolozone in New England? I am in boston area and am looking hard. Thanks for any tips! I would hate to have to travel to fl for this!


  8. Shirley says

    Dear doc
    Your articles are amazing thank you. Will purchase reports.
    I have a trigger finger and mor to come.will the arthritis cure help?
    Where in south Africa will I find a trained doctor to help?

  9. Johnny Dymo says


    I’m just wondering if there have been any updates to the UK based doctors since this article was published (a year ago)? Currently there is only on on the list and he’s in Wales!



  10. Claudio says

    Hi I’m from sydney Australia,is prolozone for ARTHRITIS AS i HAVE JOINT PAIN AND STIFNESS ,also who in Australia practice Prolozone?

    kind regards


  11. Admin says

    Hi Claudio,

    Thank you for your query. To find doctors who offer the therapy please click on the link in the article 4th paragraph down which says:-

    “comprehensive list of doctors”

    It will take you to a complete list of practitioners. Scroll down a little and you will find doctors in Australia who offer the therapy listed there.

    Thank you

  12. Jim Maxwell says

    My son has severe psoritic arthritis. His neck is frozen and has to look down. He would like to improve this and has looked into a medical doctor in Miami who has a very expensive and invasion way he says will help. It is also very expensive and takes a long time to recover without any guarentees.

    It occurs to me that something like prolozone therapy may help while being less invasive. He lives in Sarasota Florida and even those in Florida seem to be dentists. Can you refer him to someone who can suggest what might be possible to assist him.


  13. Carolyn says

    I have been recieving cortizone and epidural treatments for at least 2 years and they work for awhile and then the pain flares up again. Much pain in the hip and leg areas.Can hardly move when first getting out of bed. Please help if you can. The last time I went to the pain management Doctor he said I could go to my medical DR if he would give me the medication I needed. I fell like I need more than pills.Can you help me?

  14. Support says

    Carolyn, We have written may article on this issue, where the client goes to the Dr and the Doc, does the injection and the client feel good for several months and then the pain comes bask, it is classic.

    The missing link is education, I highly suggest that you get a copy of our new Book The 7 Day Back Pain Cure, you can find the link to the book on the Home page of this web site


  15. Neil Monastero says

    I am a patient of Dr. Shallenberger that had lost about all of the cartilage in my knees. Orthopedic surgeons told me that knee replacement was my only option. I had 6 prolozone treatments. Comparing the before and after X-rays prove that I grew the cartilage back. The treatment works! I am living proof.

  16. randi singer says

    About 10 years ago my husband’s low back was always in pain from an injury. He had degenerated & bulging discs, 2 ortho docs said he must have surgery. Fortunately we live near Dr. Shallenberger who I had gone to for a breast thermagram (I don’t do mammograms). I read an article there about Prolozone and made my husband go to Shallenberger in Carson City. After the 4th injection, he was pain free and has been (except when he overdoes it) since. I had 2 injections (but months apart) for arthritis pain in my lower thumb – I did not notice reduced pain, but maybe I didn’t get enough injections. Dr. Shallenberger is wonderful and caring – ALL M.D.’s could learn a lot about what “curing” a patient is all about from him, but most of them only want to do drugs and surgery. He became our doctor from there on and both of our healths improved immensely. I have referred at least 30 people over the years and all but 1 improved or was cured. It’s not cheap, but it works!

  17. Dr Edward Dulitsky says

    My name is Dr Edward Dulitsky
    I practice in Sydney area in Neutral bay and Castle Hill (Australia)
    I offer a wide range of ozone therapy procedures including Prolotherapy with Ozone.
    I have been professionally trained in ozone therapy, in Russia and Ukraine, where the ozone therapy is a part of main stream. If you or your readers need any assistance i will be more than happy to help or answer the questions.

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