Back Pain at Work? Try These Stretches and Exercises

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Do you sit in an office working at a desk all day? It’s easy to get stiff and sore when we don’t get up and move around often enough.

Two minutes of simple stretches and exercises right at your desk can work wonders at restoring flexibility and relieving back pain, shoulder pain, and other achy muscles caused by sitting around too much.

In the first office stretching video I give you a quick and powerful routine for stretching and strengthening your lower back, triceps, and mid-section at your desk.

I continue the office workout in the second video by first demonstrating how to loosen up hip flexors which become overly tight from sitting. This important stretch from our Lose the Back Pain System helps most office workers get lower back pain relief.

Your office workout is wrapped up with a set of quick stretches for your hamstrings and neck. And again, you can do all of these stretches and exercises right at your desk.

Please share these videos with your co-workers and be sure to tell us how the stretches and exercises work out for you in the comments below.

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  1. Louise says

    Hi, followed your exercise video. Its is marvelous & I will be doing this regularly as well as telling all my friends. Many thnaks for sharing with the world.

  2. Barb says

    These videos were extremely helpful to me. My lower back was really aching and hurting from sitting at my computer chair at work. I did the stretches as best I could and my back feels relieved and much better. Thanks Jesse!

  3. frank schneider says

    I have 2 herniated disks and just went thru your routine WOW could really feel relief I will continue for a week and get back too you again

  4. Dennis Goode says

    For DD with the Ron Paul rhetoric. Educate yourself and take a very long close look around you at what is about to take place. If Ron Paul offends you, and I don’t agree with all he says, you most likely are missing the signs that you will regret. I suggest preparing yourself as you see fit.

  5. bobloblaw says

    please don’t take offence so easily to things. it’s not a good habit or trait to exhibit. we as a society need to let most things roll off our shoulders, no matter what offensive thing crosses our paths. we are becomming too sensitive.

  6. Jesse Cannone says

    And if you are offended by anything, especially anothers views, you are living like a victim…

    Also, Ron Paul is a far better man and politician than just about any one else out there and I will win a debate with anyone on this all day long… and with facts, not opinions.

    Last, if you don’t like it, then don’t take advantage of all the free resources on our site… go off whining and complaining… and keep living like a victim.

  7. medchic says

    Tell it like it is Jesse!
    Totally agree with your statement about Ron Paul; if this country would just realize where we are at in this time of our lives, they would of definitely thought twice about WHO is to run our country. It is a relief to see and hear people still stand up for truth. God bless America.
    Thanks for the great and helpful info, in more ways than one!

  8. J says

    Ron Paul is an awesome person that I would like to meet.

    Thanks for the vids. Good, fundamental information.

    If someone watches a free video, and whines about something that is not on the content, that says a lot about the person.

    Doing basic stretches and strengthening exercises are some of the best pain medicines out there. It can significantly lower the amount of discomfort and increase the range of motion, and it is costs less than pain medication.

  9. AverageBri says

    @ DD,

    Censoring free speech is more offensive than Ron Paul. Move to China if you want to control what people display or say.

  10. arlyne saskill says

    thanks for the exercises.. i will keep the insructions so i can share them and do them..i have some sciatica incidences but do not have back pain.. thanks again

  11. DeborahH says

    Please can we NOT get into political arguments here? I’m here to relieve the back and neck pain…not get a new headache!!! Thanks so much!

  12. Jesse Cannone says


    Why are you letting the conversation others are having give you a headache?

    If you don’t like or want to participate in the conversation, that’s fine… but just like the person who is “offended” by a sign, why are you choosing to live that way? You don’t have to and you’ll be much happier if you don’t.

  13. Alyson says


    Very good videos.

    I was looking for some good exercises for my lower back pain treatment.

    I practiced the exercise which you showed in your video. I suggested few of my friend who have back pain problem to practice these exercise.

    Thanks for sharing.

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