Don’t Buy This for Neck Pain

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Spinal decompression has a 2,000 year track record of relieving back and neck pain. If you’re one of the millions of people with some kind of pain along your spine it could be just the answer you’re looking for.

neck pain relief

You CAN get rid of neck pain... but not with this...

But don’t make the mistake of assuming all forms of spinal decompression are equal. They’re not. And when it comes to neck pain, some devices won’t help you — at all.

While you could spend thousands on cervical decompression treatments using a DRX9000 or similar machine found at some doctor and chiropractic offices, it’s not necessary as long as you choose the right home spinal decompression device.

Until recently, the primary means of getting spinal decompression at home has been through inversion therapy.

You may have heard of gravity boots and the like, but the easiest way get a controlled and safe decompression is with an inversion table.

But a brand-new device appeared a couple years ago that took the home decompression device market by storm. It’s called the Nubax® Trio.

The Nubax® Trio can, for some people, provide even more decompression of the spine than an inversion table. The reason why is simple. An inversion table relies upon gravity to gently decompress your spine. The more you invert, the stronger the pull… but the most decompression you can achieve is with full inversion (completely upside down).

On the other hand, the Nubax is a device that you kneel into, strap on a waist belt, and then lean forward into a set of shoulder pads. This allows you to easily control how much decompressive force is applied to your spine. The more you lean into it, the stronger the decompression. This makes it fantastic for decompressing your back, especially if you are uncomfortable inverting or have a contraindication to inversion therapy such as uncontrolled high blood pressure or a knee replacement.

But here’s the catch…

The Nubax only decompresses from around mid-back downwards… meaning it’s not a good choice for upper back and neck pain. For that, you’ll want to consider inversion therapy. Or, get a copy of our brand new Lose the Neck Pain System.

The Lose the Neck Pain System is the world’s first customized neck pain solution ever developed for home use. And it comes with an unheard of 365-day 100% money-back guarantee. Either you get relief from your neck pain or you get your money back. Try asking for money back from your doctor after spending thousands on DRX 9000 treatments!

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  1. Peter Feinberg says

    MRI shows moderate to severe left foraminal stenosis at C5/5 due to localized foraminal disc/osteophyte complex and facet arthropathy.
    Neorosurgeon suggests undergoing a foraminotomy to decompress the affected root.


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