How to Solve Any Problem

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By Steve Chandler

Fix Any Problem

Identify the problem...then show no mercy

It took me many hard and painful years to learn a basic truth about problems in life and business and that is this: problems don’t age well. The longer a problem lives, the bigger it gets.

Once I learned that Speed of Takedown was the most valuable measuring stick in problem-solving, everything got better. You can learn this, too: the minute you identify a problem, and I mean accurately identify it for what it is, BRING ALL YOU’VE GOT TO IT AS FAST AND AS FORCEFULLY AS YOU CAN TO MASSIVELY OVERWHELM THE PROBLEM LIKE KILLING A FIRE ANT WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER.

Move quickly. Be totally focused. Get other people to help. Don’t let the subject be changed. How you solve this problem is how you do life, because how you do anything is how you do everything. Be massive. Overwhelm. Be energetic. Be excited. Be a time warrior. Be powerful. Be thorough. Be complete. And remember: better to solve it now than later. Problems don’t age well.

Comments from Jesse:

Two big takeaways here:

1. You must determine what the problem is. That’s exactly why so many remain stuck in pain — they treat symptoms with drugs or think they can just cut away a problem like a herniated disc… but if you never treat the underlying cause the problem is bound to return sooner or later.

2. Once you know what the real problem is put massive, focused effort into correcting it. Stop masking the problem and fix it.

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