Hidden Danger of Heating Pads

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When your back is aching, heat is a great way to get some relief. But do you know what you’re putting into your body when you use a traditional electric heating pad?

infrared healing heating pads

Sure, you’re getting heat which may provide some relief. Unfortunately this type of radiant heat is only going to penetrate about skin deep… but there’s something else penetrating much further: an electromagnetic field (EMF).

All electric devices produce electromagnetic fields. That’s the same reason why you should avoid living in a house near high voltage power lines or sleeping in a bedroom where the electrical line current enters your home.

Electromagnetic fields as we know them today are a fairly modern invention as the harnessing and use of electricity has become commonplace. And, according to the EPA, they’ve been linked to leukemia, lymphomas, and cancers of the nervous system.

Various standards have been set by different agencies, states, and countries so it’s hard to know exactly how much EMF is “safe.” The best rule of thumb is to minimize your exposure. The EPA proposes your exposure to EMF should be no higher than 1mG (milli Gauss).

Low budget heating pads can create massive amounts of EMF exposure right next to your body which penetrates deep into your tissue (much farther than the heat you feel) potentially causing cancer and other health issues.

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  1. Carri Smith says

    Hello. I’m a massage therapist and was wondering if the emf issue relates to table warmers as well, and if there is an alternative I can use.

    Thank you for all your wonderful articles!

  2. Admin says

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your post and query. We would advise you to check with your doctor/healthcare provider if you can use the heating pad with your condition.

    Thank you

  3. Admin says

    Hi Carrie,

    Thank you for your query.

    Yes, the emf issue relates to table warmers as well; conventional heating elements within a pad will emit an EMF.

    Thank you

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