Back and Chest Pain

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When you have back pain that is chronic you will probably have a symptom that involves a burning feeling in a particular area of the back. This feeling is normally accompanied by deep, agonizing pain that could also radiate to your legs. Burning back pain is something that many people experience and can result from many issues concerning the vertebral column. A burning sensation is usually related to some sort of nerve issue. Nerves are very sensitive and they send signals to the brain about movement and feeling. If there is a burning feeling in the back this could be because of nerves that have been injured or damaged.

The vertebral column is a very important part of the body as it is what supports the weight of the body and provides structure and balance. The vertebral column has several components, most of which are bones and joints. The joints are positioned in between the bones and are needed to keep the bones in the appropriate position. Joints offer a cartilage based cushion for bones that prevents them from rubbing against each other. Degenerative joints can occur as a result of a bulging or herniated disc and osteoarthritis. When joints are injured this can causes damage to the nerves. When joints in the backbone deteriorate, the bones of the backbone automatically develop bone spurs to try to counteract the resulting imbalance. These bone spurs are potentially harmful however if they come in contact with nerves.

This too can be said of a herniated disc. When this happens, the disc ruptures and creates a ball of cartilage that is positioned in an area that can interfere with the nerves. Degenerative discs can press on nerve roots due to their proximity. Other conditions like foraminal stenosis can affect the nerves and cause your back to feel like it is burning. Foraminal stenosis involves the narrowing of the foramen. The foramen is an opening in the spinal column that allows a passageway for nerves to exit and reach other parts of the body. When this area narrows, nerve roots are more likely to be irritated and cause pain, weakness, numbness and a burning sensation.

Other diseases like multiple sclerosis, neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy can affect the nerves. In severe cases when there is a lot of discomfort caused by a damaged nerve, you can opt to have a surgical procedure called a rhizotomy. During a rhizotomy, problematic nerves are targeted and isolated. After that the nerve root is destroyed. You must meet certain requirements to be eligible to get a rhizotomy because of the possible complications. Potential risk factors for a rhizotomy are impotence, meningitis, paralysis, numbness, and urinary tract infections. You could also elect to have a foraminotomy surgery. This procedure involves entering the spinal column from the back of the neck and inserting tubes to widen the foramen and remove excess tissue that block nerve roots. If your burning back pain isn’t very severe, you should rest the area and apply hot/cold packs.

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