Back Pain Spasms

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Back pain spasms are sudden, uncontrolled and painful contractions of the back muscles that usually last for a few minutes, and slowly ease as the muscles relax.

Typical symptoms include stiffness at rest, slow muscle relaxation and spontaneous contractions or fasciculation. Fasciculation is a type of painless muscle spasm, marked by rapid, uncoordinated contraction of many small muscle fibers.

Abnormal contraction of back muscles may indicate a temporary loss in ability to regulate their contraction and expansion. Back pain spasms are believed to be caused by overly active motor neurons or overly sensitive muscle fibers that react without the usual stimulation that is necessary for them to contract.

Underlying causes can include local inflammation because a muscle is injured, overstretched or torn; or a neurological or muscular disease.

Unless you have a major injury such as a slipped disc, there’s not much a physician can do besides prescribing a pain medication, asking you to rest and do some simple back strengthening exercises.

Back pain spasms can be an indication that there is something wrong beneath the surface and we do not recommend you ignore this warning sign.

If you’re suffering from back pain spasms, here are some simple things you can do for relief.

Get off of your feet for a day or so if possible. The last thing you want to do is ignore the pain. Some people will suggest prolonged rest but that can actually be counter productive. As soon as you feel capable of being on your feet, you will want to begin a treatment program.

Step 1 – Uncover the true cause of your back spasms

In many cases, muscles of the body can be out of alignment causing un-natural pressure. To learn more about muscle balance therapy, click here. Many people end up with more serious conditions because they treat the symptoms not the causes of their pain.

Step 2 – Identify the best treatment options for you

Despite what you might have heard there are more treatment options that popping pain pills, getting steroid injections or going under the knife.

If you would like to learn more about safe, natural treatment options, you should grab a free copy of the book – The 7 Day Back Pain Cure.

You will learn about things like, Muscle Balance Therapy, Inversion Therapy, Acupuncture, Trigger Point Therapy, Natural Anti-Inflammatory, and more.

In summary, back pain spasms are usually a warning sign that something is wrong. Take action, educate yourself and be in control of your health!

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