Bulging Disc Neck

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A bulging disc in the neck can be a sign of serious injury if it occurs after a traumatic event, such as whiplash during a motor vehicle accident, or it can be the result of overuse and improper posture.

Discs located in the neck are in the cervical part of the spine, thus any damage to them can result in spinal cord damage. Therefore, it is not advisable to wait and see if the pain subsides, as in the case with pain in the lower back (lumbar spine).

The nerve damage that could accompany a bulging or fractured neck disc can lead to numbness or weakness in the shoulders, arms and legs. Or it could cause a tear in the neck muscles because of overcompensation, which would leave you with chronic pain. Cervical discs cannot repair themselves when damaged, so consult a professional if you have this condition.

The discs that separate the vertebrae of the spine are gelatinous; their purpose is to provide shock absorption. If a disc has slipped, then the bones above and below it could rub together painfully, they could pinch the nerve, or worse, a fracture could result.

A cervical fracture is an extremely painful and dangerous injury to sustain. Nursing your way back to health afterward can be an intense undertaking. If it occurs in any of the upper cervical vertebrae, C1 through C7, that basically means that you have broken your neck. If the cervical fracture is unstable, that means that your vertebrae are no longer aligned. This could lead to paralysis if not surgically clamped back together immediately. If the fracture is stable, then that means that they are still aligned, (but there is a crack / fracture present). In either case, it is imperative that the person not be moved by anyone other than a medical professional if possible, because movement itself can cause a stable fracture to become unstable.

Once you have sought medical treatment for a bulging disc in the neck to make sure that your spinal cord is fine, let the helpful advice offered on LosetheBackPain guide you through your recovery process. If your situation was not serious, you may not require any advice or remedy other than the holistic ones we offer.

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We have articles on specific exercises for a bulging disc in the neck, heat and cold remedies, muscle balance therapy, nerve pain treatment, headache relief, massage therapy, trigger point therapy, aquatic therapy, and others.

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