Burning Back Pain

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What is “Burning” Back Pain?

When people describe the pain in their back as “burning” most do not realize how descriptive the definition truly is. The burning sensation associated with the pain they are feeling is due to muscles that are tired and tight. When your muscles tighten, they in turn naturally “tire” which will produce a burning sensation as they heat up. Your skin will actually feel hotter where the pain is, just as a weight lifter’s muscles will redden and become warm, as the muscles strain to lift, push and pull.

The Four Causes of Back Pain

If more people realized there are really only four main causes of back pain, I suspect they would be more proactive in knowing how to protect and care for their backs so that they would never suffer from back pain whether temporary or chronic. Number one (and two!) and the most common; are tight and weak muscles. As we mentioned above, as soon as your muscles become exhausted, they become tight. Stretching and staying aware of your limitations can battle this cause at the ready. Number three is unhealthy joints. As your joints fail to move correctly your muscles are forced to work harder. The fourth cause of back pain is an imbalanced pelvis. As your pelvis twists and bends, or you happen to find yourself in compromising position, this can strain the pelvis which in turn makes your lower back muscles work harder, which will cause the burning sensation most people describe as unbearable at times.

How to Keep Your Back Healthy and Strong?

If you find yourself experiencing a burning back pain sensation, the first step is always make sure you receive a true and accurate diagnosis. There are times when an individual may know exactly when or how they started feeling pain, and in those instances refraining from that particular activity will allow your back to heal and feel pain free once more. However if you are experiencing chronic pain or long-lasting pain, make an appointment to see your health provider.

Some people will tell you that no matter what they do to cure their back pain, nothing seems to help. The possibility that the pain is being caused by some psychological process or extreme stress is a probability that should not be discounted or ignored, especially if several different treatments have not worked. The majority of most back pain is overwhelmingly associated with stress and emotional issues; most often when we first feel the pain, we try to think of what we did physically, not mentally. Did we lift something too heavy? Did I sit too long in one position? Feeling tightness in our lower back because we are stressed out about meeting an unrealistic deadline is not always the first thought that enters our head when we start feeling pain. There are many things we can do all on our own to prevent back pain. Keeping your back healthy and strong is easy if you are aware of your personal limitations.

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