Chronic Back Pain

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Chronic back pain can be challenging to manage and some people who have this type of affliction cannot live normal lives. With unresolved back aches, some people eventually become disabled and have to leave their jobs. While some types of constant back ache may be so severe and incurable, some types of chronic back ache are manageable.

Over the years, experts have developed several pain management methods that can help people live normal lives despite their pain. Some of these pain management methods are non-invasive and non-drug oriented while others are more aggressive and require the patient to take several types of medication.

While drug treatment may sound like the best option especially when the patient is in terrible pain, this type of treatment may prove to be unsustainable. Note that the human body eventually becomes immune to drugs and once this happens, these drugs will no longer have their desired effects. For more sustainable treatments, many experts recommend the use of non-pharmacological methods.

Non-invasive and non-drug oriented treatments are focused on muscle strengthening exercises, manual manipulation of the affected area, behavioral modification and cutaneous stimulation. These forms of treatments may not bring about instant relief to the patient but they are sustainable treatments. When applied properly, patients may eventually find long term relief from their problems.

Muscle strengthening is commonly used to treat patients who are suffering from chronic back pain. Most experts recommend the use of low impact aerobic exercises and non-impact cardio exercises to strengthen the muscles around the back. Patients may feel certain degree of pain at the start of the treatment but as the muscles around their back strengthens, the may be ease up and disappear completely.

Aside from muscle strengthening exercises, a lot of experts rely on manual manipulation of the muscles and bones around the afflicted area to relieve back pain. Common treatments along this line include chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and others. Massage therapy is especially useful to relieve muscle stress to ease the pain. On the other hand, chiropractic adjustments work by properly aligning the muscles and bones on the back. People with bad posture can benefit a lot from this type of treatment.

While exercise and manual manipulation involve the human body, behavioral modification is more of a psychological treatment whereby the patient is trained how to properly respond to pain. Through relaxation techniques, the patient may be able to manage back pain without the use of any drugs. By using biofeedback, the patient can gradually control neuromuscular signals to relieve symptoms.

Behavioral modifications require control and discipline on the part of the patient. With the full cooperation and commitment of the patient, this type of treatment may not be successful. Since not all people have the kind of discipline that this type of treatment requires, some experts recommend other types of treatment such as cutaneous stimulation.

Cutaneous stimulation is nothing new and it uses the old method of alternating hot and cold treatment to relieve chronic back pain. This type of treatment is usually effective for people who are suffering from arthritis. To be effective in relieving chronic back pain, this type of treatment must be used together with muscle strengthening exercises.

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