Golfer’s Elbow Cured in One Minute

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Is golfer’s elbow ruining your golf game?

Golfer's Elbow

Don’t let golfer’s elbow keep you from enjoying your game

Not anymore if you’ll take just a minute to perform these simple acupressure techniques before and after each round.

While golfer’s elbow isn’t limited to golfers alone, pain on the inside of your elbow is frequently caused by repetitive motions from playing golf or other activities such as swinging a hammer.

Shooting pain down your forearm while gripping your club — or just about anything else — is another confirmation of the problem.

Officially called medial epicondylitis, golfer’s elbow is caused by inflammation in the tendons connecting the muscles of your arm to your elbow joint. As continued stress places strain on these tendons the area becomes increasingly inflamed and painful.

While rest alone can go a long way towards allowing your elbow to recover, why wait when a short minute of simple self-administered acupressure techniques before and after each round of golf can keep you in top form game after game? Dr. Mark Wiley demonstrates…

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