How Long Does Sciatic Nerve Pain Last?

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As you may know, sciatic nerve pain and discomfort results from sciatic nerve irritation. Sciatic nerve pain varies from one adult to the next. Almost all of the pain and discomfort generally spreads from the lower back, down the leg or legs, to beneath the knee. Studies from research show that the most important nerve cluster, the sciatic nerve, begins from the roots in your lumbar part of the spinal column and extends through the hips, buttock, and down the lower limbs. The irritation of the sciatic nerve might be minimal to incapacitating. Commonly, the range of pain and the possibility of it worsening leave people who suffer from it wondering how long it may last.

What will cause sciatic nerve pain? Clearly, there are numerous reasons for sciatic nerve pain. Additionally a number of causes are far more serious than others. Bear in mind that the source of the sciatica and sciatic nerve pain may establish how long the pain may last. The most common cause is due to a herniated or protruding disc that presses directly against the sciatic nerve. Signs of sciatica can be created by aggravation or inflammation of the nerve. Some of these causes may include irritation of this nerve from tumors, irritated muscles, infections, injury, adjacent bone as well as internal bleeding. Since there is such a wide range of reasons, treatment can vary, as can the duration of time the sciatic nerve pain itself will last.

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How long does sciatic nerve pain last? The cause plays the most important function in answering this question. In most non-radiculopathic sciatica, total recuperation might take 4 -10 weeks and as long as 6 months in more extreme cases. Infections, irritated muscles, and slipped discs would have to be taken care of before treating the back pain. In the mildest of cases, stretching exercises will strengthen the back where it can push the lumbar spinal column back into place and take away pressure from the sciatic nerve. More professionals are recommending Pilate’s and yoga to help alleviate sciatica and minimizing sciatic nerve pain.

Do I need to see a health care professional? Oftentimes the length of suffering from sciatic nerve pain can be drastically reduced by consulting with your doctor. He or she can assist with determining the seriousness of the cause and prescribe appropriate treatments. In some extreme circumstances, surgery is necessary. Conjointly, the more time sciatica goes untreated, the more possible it will be to cause injury that may only be fixed with a surgical process. So, if ever the pain is being produced by radiculopathic sciatica, then a person will really need to use a health care professionals help in attempting to recover.

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  2. Steve says

    Sarojini, sure it can, that is way there are always alternative or additional treatments that you should be ready, willing and able to consider, if such and event does accrue…

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  3. jessica says

    How long after the pain from my sciatic nerve gets better can I start exercising again such as zumba and other exercises? I have been hurting for about a week but it is easing up and the pain is almost gone

  4. Steve says

    Jessica, It really depends on your tolerance for that activity, that said, the conditions that are in place have are causing you to feel the pain did not just happen overnight, and there should be a concerted effort to address the root causes, in your body, working towards a more neutral balance and stable body will help you tolerate the stress of you day and help you participate at a higher level in any sport or activity you want to take part in… I suggest that you get Jesse’s book The 7 Day Back Pain Cure, that does talk about the causes and treatments for Sciatica. you can find the link to the book on the home page of this site


  5. Shaun says

    I had spinal decompression surgery exactly 5 months ago for a trapped sciatic nerve. The operation was a success in surgical terms but I am still experiencing a lot of pain in my foot (burning and cramping). I am taking gabapentin to help the healing process and to combat the pain but this only dulls the sensation slightly. I do regularly stretching exercises every day. When can I expect things to improve ?

  6. Admin says

    Hi Shaun,

    Thank you for your query.

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