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If you are in market for an inversion table, we suggest you read inversion table reviews such as this one. For those considering inversion therapy, it is an excellent treatment for people who suffer from back pain and sciatica. Inversion therapy offers relief by decompressing the spine by temporarily inverting the body which reverses the effects of gravity. It has been used for thousands of years and a recent study at Newcastle University revealed that 70% of the patients in the study that used inversion therapy were able to cancel their back surgeries.

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Inversion therapy reduces the compression of the discs and vertebrae in the back, which in turn, allows the muscles around the spine to relax. Inversion therapy not only helps alleviate back pain but also improves circulation, realigns the spine, aids in relaxation, and increases flexibility. All these benefits can take place on a device called an inversion table.

An inversion table works by lying flat on the table and securing your feet to the table. Once secured you lay back on the table and gently begin to tilt backwards. You control the level and degree of inversion, whether you want to invert at 20 degrees or if you want to fully invert and hang straight upside down. It is a very safe way to increase space between the vertebrae, which in turn helps alleviate back pain, sciatica and leg pain.

As people are becoming more aware of the benefits of inversion therapy, more and more inversion tables enter the market each year and more and more inversion table reviews are available online. It is important to find a well made inversion table that offers comfort, safety and reliability. The three top inversion tables that we have found and that we offer on our website are below:

Healthy Back Institute Premium Inversion Table:

Our best selling Inversion table

Long locking foot mechanism which provides ease of use

Fully adjustable to 4’9″ – 6’6″

300 pound weight capacity

Adjustable Safety strap

5 year limited Warranty

Teeter Hangups EP550 Inversion Table

Quick Storage- folds in seconds

Patented Security Features- Auto locking hinges, heat treated steel which creates a very durable and secure

inversion table

Pre-set rotation control which allows you to easily predetermine your angle of inversion

Teeter Hangups EP950 Inversion Table (has all the same features as the EP550) PLUS-

Over EZ Handles

EZ Angle Tether Strap

Ratchet Ankle Lock System

Larger Tubing A Frame

Again there are dozens, if not hundreds of inversion tables on the market. After performing our own inversion table reviews, we are highly satisfied with the Healthy Back Institute Premium Inversion Table, the Teeter Hangups EP550 and EP950 inversion tables.

Teeterf5000 Inversion Table / Inversion Tables

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