Kidney Causing Back Pain

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When people get back pain, most of them assume that they’re experiencing something to do with the muscles. That’s usually the case, but it’s not always true. Your kidneys can cause back pain, as well. When people have damage to their kidneys, they can hurt and cause pain. That pain is most often felt in the back because the kidneys are located at the back of the body, not far above the buttocks. The lower back is generally the area that aches when there’s a kidney causing back pain. If you have recurrent or persistent back pain, having your kidney function checked is a good idea.

While doctors may not find anything – and your pain may be from muscle tension or some other medical problem – at least you’ll know whether your kidneys are a problem. It’s always good to rule out serious illnesses before going after the smaller, less dangerous ones. If you have a kidney causing back pain, have it checked by your doctor to determine the cause. There are several different kidney ailments that can cause pain, and it doesn’t have to be anything serious or life-threatening to be uncomfortable.

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Kidney stones can easily cause pain. They usually hurt when a person urinates, but they can also just cause low-grade back pain, too. They can be treated and dissolved, there are ways to break them up, and they sometimes require surgery. With all of the new advances in medicine, though, you don’t have to suffer with kidney stones. You can be treated for them and feel better. See your doctor if you think your back pain may be caused by kidney stones, or if you’ve had kidney stones before and now have back pain, so you can get treated properly.

Kidney infections can also cause back pain, and the same is true of kidneys that aren’t working properly. If you’re a patient who has chronic kidney failure or some kind of kidney disease, it’s important that you check with your doctor if you have a kidney causing back pain. The pain could be only on one side, or it might be on both sides. Either way, have it checked out. It could indicate a worsening of your condition, which is obviously not something that you want to deal with. Prompt treatment can stop the pain and prevent any further damage to your organs.

Truthfully, there are many things that can cause back pain, so it’s always best to find out the cause. Sometimes it’s very obvious that you’ve pulled a muscle, but other times it can be difficult to self-diagnose your pain. When there’s a chance that there’s a kidney causing back pain, it’s important to find out why that particular kidney is bothering you. Your doctor is the one to do that. You shouldn’t try to self-diagnose a kidney problem, even when you’ve had a problem with your kidneys before. Instead, see your doctor to make sure what’s wrong and get prompt treatment for it.

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