Lower Back Pain Right Side

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Lower back pain (also know as lumbago) is rather common and has a number of causes. The lower back bears most of a person’s body weight. There are generally two types of pain that people suffer in their lower back: acute back pain is a sharp burning sensation, and chronic back pain is a dull aching sensation. Back pain can be either neuropathic, which is pain caused by damage to nerve tissue, or nociceptive, which is pain caused by an injury or disease that occurs outside the nervous system. For example, a pinched nerve is neuropathic pain, while arthritis is nociceptive pain. Lower back pain can be a symptom of anything from over-exertion to any number of serious complications.

Most Lower back pain originates from the back itself. Injuries of the back muscles, ligaments or joints are the most common causes for lower back pain, as is muscle strain. Pain may also be caused by compression of a particular lumbar nerve, sacral nerve or the sciatic nerve. This is often the cause of the condition called sciatica. Severe back pain in the lower right side may also be a symptom of a ruptured or herniated disc.

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Pain on the lower right side can as well be a combination of tightness in the sacroiliac joint, spinal joints and buttock muscles. The sacroiliac joint has no disc, so there is less protection around the joint than spinal joints. This pain is felt on the lower back and down to the buttock area because when the sacroiliac joint tightens, the muscles and ligaments around the area tighten as well.

Pain on either the right or left side of the lower back may also be caused by other conditions. Lower back pain on the right side may be a symptom of a kidney stone, a kidney infection, or a gall bladder stone. It may also be a symptom of conditions such as spondylolysis, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, or a urinary tract infection. In females, it may be a symptom of a gynecological disorder. Lower back pain can also be caused by obesity.

It is highly recommended that a person see their doctor if suffering from back pain for more than a day or so, as diagnosis of the cause of back pain should be determined before treatment can begin. The cause of lower back pain may be determined by use of X-ray, MRI, CT Scan, Mylelogram, or Bone Scan. Treatment may involve medication, an exercise regimen for the lower back, and/or physical therapy. The doctor may also advise taking an adequate period of rest to relieve back pain.

There are several precautions that can be taken to prevent back pain on the lower right side: -Maintain an upright posture while walking and sitting -Bend from the knees, never from the waist, while lifting heavy objects -Exercise regularly. Consult a physician and/or personal trainer before beginning an exercise routine

As with any illness or injury, it is best to consult a physician before taking any course of action.

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