Sciatic Nerve Pain And Inversion Therapy

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The majority of sciatic nerve pain and sciatica sufferers, who are suffering from sciatic nerve pain and sciatica, might want to try an approach known as inversion therapy for their sciatic nerve pain and other back pain conditions. Basically, inversion therapy is commonly utilized in the rehabilitation of several types of back pain including but not limited to sciatic nerve pain and sciatica, bulging or “slipped” discs and so on. Studies show that adults who utilized inversion therapy experienced a decrease in the need for a surgical process to mitigate sciatic nerve pain and sciatica due to single protruding disc to about 25%, instead of approximately 80% in the individuals who did not use some sort of inversion therapy. Furthermore, clinical studies show that the use of an inversion therapy table is a useful in-home sciatic nerve pain and sciatica treatment method. It is typically less expensive than traditional back pain treatments such as chiropractic care and massage therapy.

Undoubtedly, the concept of hanging upside down to alleviate tension on the lower back and body is nothing new. It dates back to the earliest Greeks and Hippocrates, the originator of current medical practice. Many specialists have long established that the stress put upon the body by gravity exacerbates pain in the lower back; hanging upside down alleviates the gravitational stress. A number of lower back pain professionals feel that inversion therapy is one of the best physical treatment plans for sciatic nerve pain and sciatica. Inversion therapy for sciatic nerve pain and sciatica entails mounting oneself on an inversion table, by means of either clamps or special boots to fasten down the body to the inversion therapy table. Next, the inversion table then turns inverted, easing stress on the back, backbone, abdominal muscles, and other vital areas of the body. This makes it possible for the related muscular tissues to relax, allowing the pelvic and back bones to realign, providing pain relief.

For most adults, lower back pain exercises are in all probability the safest remedy for lower back pain and discomfort. Backaches often are the product of spasms of the muscle tissues that support the vertebrae. This happens as a result of improper posture, sudden movements or repetitive activities. In like manner, diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, viral infection, and bladder or kidney infection, gynecological conditions in women, tumors and injury can also cause lower back pain and discomfort. Additionally, excess body weight, wearing of improper shoes and moving heavy weights, might bring about lower back pain and discomfort. That is why the best treatment for backaches caused by the above mentioned conditions is lower back pain exercises.

When inversion therapy first started it involved suspending a patient completely upside down by their feet. This may cause further injury if the force is too great on the lower back. Treatments now range from either full inversion, where the body is completely vertical, or hanging at an incline of some degree where the feet are above the patients head. Over time, patients can work their way up to greater levels of incline. Individuals should make sure to purchase an inversion table that truly supports their weight.

Inversion therapy can provide natural short term and long term relief for adults, especially if one suffers from pressure on the spinal disc or discs. Inversion therapy is noted to relieve back pain and sciatic nerve pain and sciatica in addition to other multiple health and fitness benefits; in my personal opinion, inversion therapy is the one of the top treatments for relieving sciatic nerve pain and sciatica. In addition, inversion therapy has been shown to slow the process of aging on the spinal vertebrae by using the natural pressure of gravity for spinal column decompression.

There are many patients who have used inversion therapy to rid themselves of back and sciatic nerve pain discomfort both pre and post surgery. Inversion therapy for sciatic nerve pain and sciatica is undoubtedly practical, inexpensive, safe and not time consuming. Do your research and learn if an inversion therapy table can benefit you.

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