Sciatic Nerve Problem

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The sciatic nerve system is one of the largest in the human body. It extends through the lower back and extremities. A sciatic nerve problem develops when the nerve becomes compressed for whatever reason, and pain, tingling and numbness radiate throughout the lower body. These symptoms are often defined as sciatica.

This compression can result from any number of things. Often, pregnant women experience sciatica, especially in the later months of development. Pregnancy throws balance off, which affects posture and the way you hold yourself when sitting, standing and walking. Altered positioning and added weight can easily compress the sciatic nerve and cause a problem.

Another cause is a herniated disc. The spine is made up of vertebrae and the gelatinous discs that cushion them. Over time, these discs degenerate and can become dislocated. This improper positioning can cause them to put pressure in nearby nerves. When it happens in the lower back, often the sciatic nerve is closest.

Yet another possibility for a sciatic nerve problem is just plain poor posture. The natural curvature of the spine resembles the shape of an “S.” Slouching provokes more of a “C” shape. This throws everything out of alignment and puts unnecessary pressure on the sciatic nerve. The simplest way to solve this is to straighten up. Sometimes, just being aware of poor posture can help prevent slouching. If that’s not enough, maybe investing in a back support cushion would help. These types of cushions are shaped to hug you and help bear the load of your upper body. Some even have a built in massager to help relax tense muscles and increase blood flow, which promotes healing. The Healthy Back Institute offers a wide variety of back support cushions. Visit to see their selection of affordable cushion options.

Another way to resolve a sciatic nerve problem is to try light exercise and stretching. Walking and other exercises that will strengthen your core help support your body from within, which prevents things from getting pushed out of alignment. Having a healthy back is often the first step to healing and preventing a sciatic nerve problem in the future. The Healthy Back Institute has a big selection of DVDs and e-books full of tips and exercises that will help you achieve and maintain a healthy back.

Applying heat and cold to the affected area can also help soothe a sciatic nerve problem. Cold will help reduce any swelling that may be causing pressure in the area. Heat will help relax tense muscles and speed blood flow which encourages healing. The Healthy Back Institute carries state of the art infrared heating pads. These work more effectively than traditional heating pads as the technology allows heat to penetrate the body deeply and provide more long lasting pain relief.

Living with a sciatic nerve problem can often be painful and disorienting when your legs and feet start falling asleep. The Healthy Back Institute is constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest ways to help cure sciatica so you can get on with your life. Visit today for more information on resolving a sciatic nerve problem.

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