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All you ever wanted to know about tailbone pillows

A tailbone pillow – also known as a coccyx cushion – is used to treat a variety of spinal and back pain disorders.

Tailbone or coccyx injuries can be extremely painful and may prevent you from carrying on with your normal activities. There is usually no treatment for this problem. However, symptomatic relief can be obtained by supporting the area properly and giving it time to heal naturally.

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Doctors may recommend that their patients use tailbone pillows after back surgery. They are also used to relieve pain caused by inflammatory pain or to relieve pressure on the back and pelvic area during pregnancy.

Coccyx cushions have a unique design in that a wedge is cut out where your tailbone rests. This helps to align your back properly by tipping your pelvis forward, aligning your spine correctly and restoring the natural lumbar curve. They are very good at relieving pressure on your lower spinal discs and tailbone when you’re sitting for long periods of time at home, at work or in your car.

Tailbone pillows can also be made of memory foam, which interacts with body heat to gently mold to your body shape and provide customized comfort. The denser the foam, the more supportive it is and the more readily they adapt to your shape again and again. They are durable, long lasting and provide enhanced comfort.

Some tailbone pillows are made with gel inserts which can be removed to be warmed or frozen for hot or cold therapy. Air coccyx cushions are the most portable and can be made firm or soft by adjusting the amount of air. Air cushions are ideal for short term use.

Doughnut pillows or donut cushions, as their name suggests, have a hole in the middle. They are used to reduce pressure on the anal and prostate region and are often used by people suffering from hemorrhoids or a swollen prostate. People with broken tailbones and pain in the coccyx area – for example, from a disc herniating or pressing against nerves – can also use donut or coccyx cushions to sit comfortably.

In summary, you can use tailbone pillows in the plane, your car, at home, at work – basically, anywhere you need to sit down for long periods of time. You can either purchase several inexpensive cushions, or opt for one that really works for your condition and that can travel with you and be used everywhere.

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