Stop Migraines and Headaches Fast

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Do you suffer from migraines? Maybe you have a headache right now…

If so, then today’s video can help you stop the pain and get your day back on track within the next 10 minutes without popping another dangerous pain pill.

(By the way, did you know that acetaminophen and NSAIDs like ibuprofen can actually cause headaches as side effects?)

After watching this video, any time you feel a headache or migraine coming on, you can simply use this acupressure technique on yourself for natural headache pain and migraine relief.

Oh, and if you’re skeptical about whether it really works, all you have to do is try it. Dr. Wiley shows you exactly what to do so you can find out how effective this acupressure technique for relieving headaches and migraines is for yourself.

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  1. Vimala says

    I really like this video. Such simple things we can do to help ourselves without resorting to chemical drugs. Isn’t that amazing?

  2. Brent Finnigan says

    #1 A tension headache and migraine are as different as apples and rocks. Too many people are completely ignorant as to the difference. They have completely different causes and symptoms. It’s important to know the difference before offering up treatments that supposedly treat both.

    #2 The art of Shiatsu is neither diagnostic or curative. It’s an overall Chi balancing modality meant to maintain and optimize health. Shiatsu is a belief system not a proven science and should be presented as such.

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