Herniated Disc Healing

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A herniated disc can be a painful condition, if the disc is pressing on a sensitive area or nerve. However, until that happens, it’s possible to live with a herniated disc with no pain or no knowledge of its existence for long periods. But, if you are one of the people with pain from a herniated disc, healing is your number one priority. So what can you do to help your herniated disc heal? Plenty.

First, don’t become inactive. You may think that exercise may aggravate your injury, but in fact, light activity can help improve blood flow to the affected area and prevent injury from happening again. Having a strong core helps support your body from within and encourages you to maintain good posture, which aids the healing process. Try walking and, if you feel up to it, running. Getting your blood pumping a little faster helps oxygen rich blood flow to the area, and speeds the healing process. Also, stretch your back, neck and shoulders regularly. Keeping these areas loose prevents tension from building, causing pain and pressure to build.

Often physical therapy will be recommended as treatment for a herniated disc, and the exercises, like the ones mentioned above, and techniques learned can carry through to a daily routine to help heal a herniated disc, and keep it from happening again.

Unless you’ve experienced a sudden injury like a car accident, herniated discs are most often a result of degeneration. Regardless of when you begin experiencing pain, it’s important to try a cold compress as quickly as possible. This will help reduce any swelling that may be occurring as a result of the displaced disc. Then, switch to heat to help relax the area and increase blood flow. For more long lasting relief, try an infrared heating pad. The Healthy Back Institute offers a variety of this latest technology to provide their clients with a more satisfying heating pad experience. An infrared heating pad works slightly different from a typical heating pad in that it uses infrared rays safely, to take heat deep into the muscles and help relieve tension on a much deeper level. Visit www.losethebackpain.com to view their selection of infrared heating pads.

Also, focus on your posture. Maintaining a normal “S” curve in your spine helps keep pressure off an irritated herniated disc. If you spend a lot of time sitting, that can create a “C” curvature, which places stress on unnatural points in your back, causing pain. You may want to think about investing in a back support cushion. They help support your lower back, relieving pressure on sensitive areas to allow them to heal. Some even come with built in massagers to relax tense muscles and improve blood flow in the area. The Healthy Back Institute carries a huge selection of back support cushions, and is sure to have one that’s perfect for your needs.

The Healthy Back Institute has a variety of solutions and suggestions for healing a herniated disc. Visit www.losethebackpain.com today to see what options are available to you, and get started on the road to healing now.

For more information on herniated disc relief, visit www.losethebackpain.com today!

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