Tailbone Pain Causes

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Tailbone pain can be an especially uncomfortable form of back pain due to the fact that a majority of our time is spent sitting or sleeping. In both of these instances, the tailbone can become more irritated if the tailbone comes in contact with the seat surface. The tailbone, when injured, becomes an extremely sensitive area, and direct contact with any type of hard surface should be minimized.

Most tailbone (or commonly called the coccyx) pain causes occur from a trauma or injury to the tailbone. Although this is the most common tailbone pain cause, other causes such as repetitive straining or friction to the tailbone area, bone spurs, infections and other conditions do cause tailbone pain. A fall in a seated position directly onto the tailbone, is the most common cause of tailbone pain.

The tailbone is a triangular shaped, bony structure that is located at the bottom of the spinal column. It is held together by joints and ligaments and is composed of three to five small bones.

It is common to injure your tailbone while performing various sports. A direct blow in full contact sports such as football can cause a tailbone injury.

Coccyx injuries tend to be more common in woman. This is due to the anatomy of the female body. The female pelvis is broader than that of males, which leaves the coccyx more exposed. During childbirth, when the baby’s head is born, the tailbone is pushed back into the body. Since ligaments are attached to the tailbone, it can continue to move when you perform various activities such as going to the toilet, sitting, walking and all of the other daily activities that we do.

Besides using anti-inflammatory supplements and natural pain creams, one of the easiest tailbone pain treatments is the use of a back pain seat cushion. This type of cushion can alleviate additional aggravation caused by the tailbone making contact with the hard seat surface.

The perfect back pain seat cushion has a tailbone cutout which allows one to sit comfortably, supporting the tailbone and allowing pressure to be alleviated. Direct contact with the seat surface is mitigated and one can sit with less pain. If you would like to learn more about tailbone pain and the back pain seat cushion for tailbone pain, please click on the link below.

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