NASA Discovers Cure for Back Pain

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I read a headline the other day saying NASA had found a cure for back pain.

Below the headline was an ad saying the treatment they discovered has an 86% or higher success rate at treating not only general back pain, but even “chronic cases of disc hernia, bulge, sciatica and degeneration.”

Funny since last I heard NASA wasn’t exactly in the habit of blasting astronauts with bulging spinal discs into outer space!

But when I looked into it further, it turned out the treatment America’s space agency supposedly discovered is real. And it really does have a phenomenal success rate as proven by numerous studies.

Only thing is… it wasn’t really discovered by NASA. In fact, it’s one of the oldest effective back pain cures known to mankind.

You see, the ad was promoting spinal decompression, a therapy which has been around for over 2,000 years… going way back to Hippocrates when he first used ropes and pulleys to string a patient upside down from a ladder to treat his back pain.

Granted, the spinal decompression therapy touted by the ad is far more modern in comfort and convenience, using a specialized machine called a DRX 9000 to decompress your spine, which can alleviate painful pressure on nerves. Of course, at $2,500-$6,000 for a series of treatments, the price is pretty space-age too.

The problem for many back pain sufferers is their wallets are going to decompress much faster than their spines at this rate.

But guess what… you don’t have to pay a NASA-budget price to get the full effect of this ancient therapy. And you don’t have to get strung up by your doctor with ropes and pulleys either!

All you need is one of today’s well-built inversion tables. Even conservative studies I’ve seen show inversion has at least a 70% success rate at preventing back surgery.

And here’s the great news… you can buy a top-of-the-line inversion table you can own forever that will not only end your back pain now, but help you stay pain free the rest of your life… for about the price of just the first treatment on a DRX 9000.

I wholeheartedly recommend spinal decompression almost anyone with back pain. But for most people, an inversion table is a far more affordable and just as effective option as a DRX 9000.


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