Tennis Elbow Relief with Acupressure

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Tennis elbow has met its match with self-acupressure

Elbow tendinitis can bring your tennis season to a swift end.

Since the amount of elbow pain felt is directly related to how often… how long… and how hard you play tennis, serious players tend to have the worst cases of tennis elbow.

That’s because your constant firm grip on your tennis racquet and repeated action of swinging it puts tremendous strain on multiple tendons and muscles.

Fortunately you can relieve tennis elbow pain and get back on the tennis court with the 2-minute self-acupressure routine Dr. Mark Wiley demonstrates in the video below.

Just two minutes of acupressure before and after each game and it’ll be game-set-match in your favor against tennis elbow!


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  1. Linda LaVanway says

    I just watched the tennis elbow pain relief video. Many
    thanks! I have been suffering with tendonitis for two
    weeks. The techniques in the video I did as he did them
    in the video. They helped tremendously! I will continue with this regime until my pain is gone.

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