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Most people spend a fair amount of time in the car driving to work, school, the grocery store, picking up and dropping kids off at sports, driving to the gym, for some of us it seem like we practically live in our cars. To top things off, if you deal with back pain, sitting for long periods of time can be brutal on your back cause all sorts of back pain and extreme low back pain.

It is easy to purchase a ergonomic and proper chair for back pain to use at home and in the office, but what can you do about car seat? Since you can’t change or upgrade seats in your car, most people ride around all day, not realizing their car seat can be contributing to back pain and poor posture.

The good news is, there are car back support cushions that you can purchase to not only use in your car, but you can pretty much take it with you wherever you sit and need additional support.

Freedom Back Support Cushion

The Freedom Back support cushion is an excellent device for car back support. The most important benefit that the Freedom Back support cushion can give you is correct posture. You may be working hard at relieving your back pain, but if you spend a lot of time in your car, sitting with poor posture, you may be undoing all of the good that has been done.

When we sit for long periods of time our spines takes on a “C” shape form, with the shoulders in front of the hips. A healthy spine has an “S” shape to it and it is almost impossible to maintain this shape throughout the day, especially if one sits for long periods of time. A car back support will help correct improper posture by forcing the spine to maintain its correct shape.

On long trips, you want to be especially mindful of the length of time that passes in between stops. Be sure to stop at least every few hours to take a break and perform a thorough stretch. Make sure to stretch your legs, arms and back.

Now remember, back pain can be triggered by many factors, including spending a lot of time in a car. However, these activities are not the cause of your pain, but stimuli that may trigger pain.

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