Pregnant Back Pain Relief

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During the 40 weeks of pregnancy the female body goes through pretty drastic changes, the most noticeable being the ever growing fetus and expanding belly. For most women some form of discomfort is felt at one point at time or another during pregnancy. And if you are among the nearly 70% of women who experience back pain during pregnancy you know that it can be very uncomfortable and even painful.

Specific changes in the body that can contribute or cause back pain while pregnant are:

  • The loosening and shifting of joints in the pelvis and lower back. This happens because your body is preparing itself for the birth of your baby
  • The increase in weight that you are caring is supported by the back
  • Changes in posture due to the fact that your center of gravity is shifting to adjust to the increase in weight, specifically in the front and middle section of the body
  • The overworked lower back most often than not is where pregnant women carry stress

Pregnancy back pain can be relieved and eliminated naturally and safely. Let’s take a closer look at a few natural back pain relief tips that can help you during pregnancy.

Pregnant Back Pain Relief Tip # 1

Rest, rest, rest! Now this does not mean that you sit around all day, but just be extra careful when performing your daily activities and don’t overdo it. You want to take pressure off of the lower back so make sure to schedule some rest into your daily routine.

Pregnant Back Pain Relief Tip #2

Be sure to sleep on your side if it is comfortable for you. Sleeping on your back can cause the additional weight from your belly to push on irritated nerves. It’s a good idea to sleep with a pillow between your legs when you are sleeping on your side as this offers support.

Pregnant Back Pain Relief Tip #3

Avoid uncomfortable shoes such as high heels and flip flops.  These shoes do not provide any type of support and should be avoided if you want relief from pregnant back pain.

Pregnant Back Pain Relief Tip # 4

It’s important to perform gently exercises to relieve back pain from pregnancy. Exercises such as lower back extensions and prenatal yoga are excellent treatments for relief from back pain.

Pregnant Back Pain Relief Tip #5

Prenatal massages can help relieve the body and relieve build up tension and stress. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a professional massage therapist who has experience with prenatal massage.

And lastly, hang in there! You are sure to find relief from the many tips we discussed. In the end it is completely worth it and your world will be graced by a beautiful newborn baby.

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