Lasting Relief for Your Mid-Back Pain

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middle back pain

Help stop middle back pain with this simple yet challenging exercise

We spend a lot of time talking about lower back pain and upper back and neck pain because those are more prevalent.

But we still get a lot of questions asking, “what about those of us with mid-back pain?”

Today, Steve Hefferon answers that question with this video where he demonstrates a simple yet challenging exercise called the standing arm exercise.

The standing arm exercise stimulates your multifidus spinae, a thin muscle deep in the spine which supports your vertebrae, especially in your thoracic spine, and stabilizes your pelvis.

Incorporate this exercise into your daily routine to minimize and prevent mid-back pain.


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  1. Admin says

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for your query.

    There is no set number of times or set to do this exercise.

    All exercises should be done to your tolerance. Start off slow and steady, concentrate on getting the exercise done correctly with the correct form as Steve demonstrates and always only to your tolerance.

    Thank you

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