Cervical Discectomy

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In severe cases of disc herniation, surgery may be the answer. As always, potential patients for this procedure should consider all risks associated before making a commitment. This surgery removes herniated or diseased discs, or parts of discs that are putting pressure on the nerves.

If you are considering a Cervical Discectomy, please be sure that you have looked into at least some of the other non surgical treatments for herniated discs first.

How a Cervical Discectomy Works

This procedure is typically done through the front of the neck. A small incision, strategically located, provides surgeons with convenient access to the spine and discs. Thin muscles in the neck are also cut to provide space for disc removal. Once the offending discs are removed, the pressure that was causing the pain has been released. Removal of these discs or disc fragment creates an empty space.

Bone grafts are placed into the now empty space, accompanied by a metal plate, creating what experts call a fusion.

With any procedure, there are associated risks. Many patients report that they find it difficult to swallow for days after the surgery.

You can see a visual demonstration of a Cervical Discectomy by watching the video below. This video is for demonstration purposes only. If you would like to learn more about Anterior Cervical Discectomy procedures, you should schedule an appointment with a specialist.

An Animated Demonstration of Anterior Cervical Discectomy

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