Foot Pain and Sciatica

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Wait, what does foot pain have to do with sciatica? I thought sciatica was a condition that caused back pain? Sciatica is very complex, and while it can cause back pain it can have many other affects as well.

Before I explain what causes sciatica and the various treatment options, let me explain first what sciatica is. Sciatica is actually more of a symptom rather than its own condition. Sciatic pain occurs when pressure is placed on the sciatic nerve, a long thick nerve that originates in the buttocks and runs down the back of the leg.

Sciatic pain can stem from any number of conditions. The four most common causes being: Piriformis Syndrome, Spondylolisthesis, Spinal Stenosis, and Herniated Discs. Before jumping to any conclusions, please seek out a professional to help diagnose what might be the root cause of your sciatic pain.

Typically, people will say that sciatica is like a “shooting pain down the back of the leg”. To elaborate more on what sciatic pain can feel like, some people describe it as a burning or stinging sensation in the buttocks. This pain can even shoot as far down the leg as the foot, thus causing sciatic foot pain, and even radiate into the lower back.

What are some of the more conventional treatments that a doctor might prescribe for foot pain and sciatica? Typical treatments for sciatic pain include: cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory drugs, heating packs, etc. Not to be a downer, but most conventional treatments for sciatica fail. While things like all-natural anti-inflammatory pills will temporarily relieve you of your pain, it’s not a permanent solution to cure your sciatica. In order to properly treat a condition, you must get to the root of the condition otherwise you’re just masking the symptoms.

Recommended Treatments for Foot Pain and Sciatica

One of the best treatments for sciatic pain is Muscle Balance Therapy. Muscle balance therapy is a series of different stretches and exercises that are geared towards fixing your muscle imbalances and balancing out your body.

What are muscle imbalances? Muscle imbalances occur when different groups of muscles are stronger or more developed and tighter than other weaker and less developed muscle groups. Muscle imbalances can also be the root cause of many different conditions that can trigger sciatic pain, such as Piriformis syndrome.

Foot pain and sciatica is not something that you have to live with. Once you find the source of your sciatic pain and receive a proper diagnosis, you will be on your way to lasting pain relief.

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