Spine Decompression Therapy -Experts' Top Recommendations

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  1. Victor J. Fedrizzi says

    Have a lot of pain all around my skull for years that goes down my knech and across into my shoulder blades. Also have hip pain , mostly on left side and extending down my legs. Inversion table and Nubax haven*t solved the problem . And no bone supplements help that I have taken for many years. I hear that there is Prolozone (Prolotherphy and Ozone ) that is a permanent cure for Arthrithis. The only trouble is that the closest doctor who performs Prolozone lives 200 miles away. Can they inject the kneedles at the base of my skull beside my ear on both sides? That would be the only possible solution from me suffering from pain for years.

  2. Admin says

    Hi Victor,

    Thank you for your comment and question.

    You would be best advised to contact the Dr to ask this question and see if this would be suitable for you.

    Thank you

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