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  1. ann gillett says

    i felt a bit overwhelmed at first since i’m not terribly computer literate but as time has progressed i’ve sorted out the various emails, rec’d the ointment and book (am allergic to pineapples so couldn’t order the supplement with bromelain in it; however, i asked for a substitute and was given name of a Swanson’s supplement without the bromelain which i haven’t ordered as yet). i have practiced the trigger point and feel it’s given me some relief in the buttock after doing it 2x so will continue with that idea. also have done the first exercise presented – to stretch the muscles – 3x and will slowly add the others from your video but don’t want to rush them since my body is extremely tight from a sserious health issue for several years. in summation, i am impressed so far with your program and am definitely planning on continuing with it very slowly. lastly, started drinking more water several days ago which feel will be very beneficial. thank you so much , i’ll be in touch in near future.

  2. ann gillett says

    rec’d wedge seat cushion today and after trying it out for about a 1/2 hr. i feel it will probably be a good support although it seems xtra firm compared to a plain old cushion i was using here at the computer. i need to give it more time to see how i do with it and will let you know. thanx, ann.

  3. simon mauer says

    I am currently taking 3 heal & sooth capsules per day and they seem to be helping with my back problem. I had a herniated disk and a swollen disk but they seem to be slowly improving with the heal & sooth product.

  4. Karen Keeton says

    Jesse Cannone, I’ve been using the Heel n’ soothe for about six months.I am so amazed of this product. It has helped my sciatic nerve pain down my right leg. I have spinal stenosis, bulging disc, sciatic nerve pain; also I had two major Hip replacements. I had lumbar epideral shots for my sciatic nerve pain for the past twenty years. I’m using the heel n’ soothe for my pain. I had to take more doses of heel n’ soothe for my sciatic pain in my buttocks & down my right leg. I’ve been doing the sciatic exercises on your internet. They have helped me with the pain also thanks for the heel n’ soothe.Jesse i have a question to ask you for my friend Amy. She has joint pain in her arms & knees. I think she has rheumatoid arthuritis Will the heel n’ soothe help her if so let me know &i will tell her about ordering heel n’ soothe. Thanks for your help its been a life saver. I feel so much better. Karen Keeton.

  5. Doreen says

    I injured multiple body parts (foot/ankle, both knees, left hip and back [L2 – L5]) in 2011 in a workplace accident. I ordered this product (Rub on Relief) late last year, rcvd it and then returned the one unopened tube and, as promised, received an immediate refund – at that time I thought it didn’t work.
    Then, a couple months ago, I awoke in the middle of the night with a ‘screaming pain’ in my left thigh. I had no idea what it was or why I had it. I tried a hot shower, menthol rub on ointment and Arnica Montana Trauma Care. Nothing touched this pain. I saw the opened tube of ROR, grabbed it and applied some to the thigh. The relief was instant. While the pain did not go away completely, it subsided enough from the initial application so that I was able to breathe.
    I found out (from my PM&R doctor) that the pain is referred to as “policeman’s belt syndrome” – just another name for hellacious, deep, searing nerve pain. My work comp doctors have seen the difference. Now, I am sure to use this, (as suggested/directed) for a lot of relief fast. Thank you for this product.

  6. Steve says

    Doreen, Thank you, for the great story, and having talked to hundreds of police offers and Firemen over the years, I also know that based on the occupational hazards, working towards a more Neutral Balanced and Stable body, you will find that you will be able to tolerate the stress of your job better…

    In other words, I encurage you to learn more about Muscle Balance Therapy in Jesse’s Book “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure” and you can address and eliminate the problem at the Root Cause…

    If you do not have a copy of Jesse’s book you get your free copy by clicking on the Products tab and filling out the order form…


    • Doreen says

      Thanks Steve – I have a copy of the book. Also, an FYI: I am neither a police officer nor a fireman (I just have that nerve syndrome issue).

  7. Ann mctavish says

    I am on my third bottle of heal & soothe, I can tell a big difference in my pain, I am not taking any pain meds any more, it has helped me so much! I had back surgery in June, 4 bulging disks, was back playing softball in less than 2 months. Senior citizen, female, 74 years old.

  8. Anne says

    One week into S-n-H, and Joint Support: am more comfortable, and quietly optimistic that these products are for me…..

    Will keep in touch.

    Thank you

  9. Lance Carder says

    My wife and I have trouble sleeping at night she wakes up with neck-ache and Tinnitus and I have pain from Bursitis and Tendonitis. We both take Heal ‘n Sooth before going to bed and find that we can now sleep through the night most nights of the week

  10. Kay Pope says

    I love heal n sooth because it help the muscular aches and pains I have associated with back problems and fibrmyalgia. My order arrived promptly.

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