VIDEO: 3 Hidden Causes of Poor Health

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Watch this three-part series by Dr. Mark Wiley, author of Arthritis Reversed. This explanation of the secrets to good health, and underlying principles of Excess, Deficiency, and Stagnation form the underpinning of virtually all health problems.

This Philosophy is Core to all we do at the Healthy Back Institute

jesse-seminarWe firmly believe that the power of health and healing is in your hands. Whether dealing with the pains of arthritis, chronic back or neck pain, or even general feelings of poor health, you can take control of your health and happiness.

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  1. Maureen says

    I received this video in my e-mail from Jessie and I want to say thank you. This video explained so many things clearly. So many times we are told that this is not good for you or that is good for you but the reasons are not made clear. I could identify what my proiblems are while watching. Again, thank you!

    • margaret says

      For the longest time I have had no pain however I know many people that do have pain..
      Jan. 2/14 I cracked the small bone in my leg when I slipped on some ice and fell.
      I received Heal-n-soothe and found it excellent. Presently I do not have pain. I enjoy reading natural
      health articles and telling others about solutions to pain. Thank you for your articles.


  2. TERI says

    Really enjoyed the information. He explained things to where they make sense, and I could fully understand the mistakes I am making. Thank you, both, so very much!

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